Monday, June 13, 2011

Rockin' the Bump

I can honestly say that I have LOVED being pregnant all three times.  It's the one time in a woman's life where you can eat whatever and still be cute!  I'm joining a blog link-up today, Rockin' the Bump,  to show off my bump..all three of them! 

This was around 30 weeks with Landon..even though it was my first baby, that belly just shot out there right away!

And the day he was born...oh the anxiety/depression that followed..but for this moment, I was in love!

This was around Week 20 with Nixon..Huge, I tell you!..but still happy as can be!

And the day Nixon was born..not as much depression this time..just overwhelmed with two babies to care for!

Week 18 with of my all-time favorite pictures!
 Week 36 with Lily..look at that giant belly..the more kids you have, the bigger it gets!
 The day Lily was born..pure happiness and contentment!


Shell said...

It's so true that the more you have, the bigger your belly gets- and the quicker it pops out, too!

I love that green polka dot dress- so fun!

Thanks for linking up!

Kate said...

These babies are beautiful! And the pictures are pretty great too. :) I love your striped dress, it's adorable! And your babies names are fantastic! I love Nixon, I've never heard it as a first name before. Great choices!

Galit Breen said...

I love how you took this through all of your pregnancies! Your photos are lovely!

Jenny said...

Cute bumps and babies! Love all your pics. I agree, I have gotten bigger a lot quicker this time around.

Suitcase said...

I love that last photo! She looks so little! CUTE. You looked great all three times. Lucky girl!

A Lil Story said...

How sweet! All the bellies and the babies are adorable! btw, I love their names- I knew a Nixon in high school and always thought that was the coolest name :)

Jessica said...

So cute. And my belly was bigger the second time around.

Anastasia said...

I think that's my favorite one too, but you look great in all of them.

Renee said...

Beautiful pictures and kiddos!