Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hattie - 3 Years!!

My baby is 3!!! It's so hard to believe.  I look at that little face and she's losing all those little baby features that she's held onto for so long.  But, as she constantly reminds me, she'll always be my baby!  I just love her little fat rolls that are hanging on for dear life.  I love that sneaky smile she has.  I love how sassy and sweet she is.  I love how when someone is hurt, she goes up to them and hugs/kisses to make it all better.  She's definitely still a moma's girl and there's nothing better than that!

At 3, Hattie:

-weighs 33.6 lb (75%)
-is 35" tall (10%...that's right..short like Nixon always was)
-loves to play with all her babies still.  She'll lay them all down, cover them up, and pat them to sleep
-is finally potty trained!  This was a battle I was sure would last until college!
-loves to color (mainly on things she shouldn't, but nonetheless)
-loves to sing/dance (although, she will not participate with Mr. Mark at school)
-loves to show me the stretch-n-grow moves, but won't participate at school
-is a mother hen.  She loves to "mother" (aka boss) everyone around
-absolutely loves Maggie still.  I'm not sure how we got so lucky to have a dog to put up with everything that she does...from pulling her tail to laying all over her
-has had 3 haircuts, but still hates to have her hair washed, pulled back or brushed
-is quick to say, "leave me alone" when you pull her hair back
-loves to use the phrase "Bye Felicia" at every moment
-stalls when it's bed time...she'll play for an hour or more when I lay her down at night
-will most nights end up sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag...she loves it!
-will tell you to "call me when you're done" when she has to go poop on the potty (because that's what I would tell her when she first started potty training)
-loves to hug and kiss
-loves to play with her friends at problems at drop off and wants to stay most at most pickups
-loves to swing!
-has plenty of nicknames: Hattie May, Pat, Mooky, Booty, Hattie Lou-Lou, Patty

I just love this huggable, lovable little girl.  I couldn't have asked for a better "baby" of our little family.  She's got plenty of spunk and personality and fits right in with our wild crowd.