Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Sorry Moma and Sissy...didn't mean to leave you out yesterday. You know I love you both!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. On Friday, I went to Lumberton for a Girl's Night Out with my Grandma, Aunts, and a couple of cousins. It was so much fun and I miss them terribly!

  2. After our dinner, I went to Lumberton's 1st Home Football game with two of my aunts and one cousin to watch another cousin cheer. While we were there, we spotted Michael really..check it out...
  3. On Saturday, Chris was at a softball tournament all day, the boys were with Chris' mom, so I enjoyed a day doing nothing but what I wanted to do. This included getting a pedicure and shopping all day long..even though I only bought two things since I am on a budget!
  4. Chris & I started watching all the Desperate Housewives seasons. I've always wanted to watch it, but never had the time. I'm completely hooked!
  5. Sad thing is, I associate more with Lynette than any of the other women...I'm not sure that's a good thing!
  6. Landon started the four year old preschool class at daycare today. I'm so excited, but sad all at the same time.
  7. I almost started crying today when I passed a school bus. I called Chris all worried about how Landon would know which bus to get on next year. I'm going to be a mess next year!
  8. I lost 2.8 lb at Weight Watchers this past week!! That's the most I've ever lost in one week before and I was so excited!!
  9. August is a busy birthday month. Happy Birthday to Maria, Madilyn, Mr. Phil, Kim, Nikki, Gage, and Amanda!! (and anyone else I might've left out)
  10. Nixon's party is this Saturday..I hope we have good weather!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nixon's Birthday...

I sent out the above invitations last week...Sorry, I know it's hard to see..anyway, we're doing a smaller party and so mainly, just kids from his class at daycare got invited. Well, of course Nixon's girlfriend, Kylee, was one of the lucky ones. I saw her mom the day after we put them in everyone's cubby and she told me she liked the invitation..blah blah. She then went on to inform me that Kylee won't let it go. She has to sleep with it at home. Her mom said that she'll lay it on her pillow, up abover her head and say, "That's my Nic-Nic." How cute is that? As a side note, Nixon told me that Kylee and Mallory kissed him last week. When I asked him if he was a ladies man, he replied, "Yep!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. The auditors are here today..explaining why I'm just now doing this post.
  2. I did manage, however, to get invitations in the mail for Nixon's birthday party!
  3. I finally got the Blackberry I've been dying to have. I love's my new addiction!
  4. I changed my office around at work. I'm liking the new setup even though it has thrown everybody in the building for a loop that my inbox is moved:)
  5. I started Weight Watchers last night. I have about 30 lbs to lose according to me..but let's just stick to the 5% mark they ask you to reach first...
  6. This past weekend, Chris and I had the most relaxing weekend. We didn't have the boys, so we worked in the yard all day Saturday (I have a blister to prove it), went grocery shopping (on our cash-only budget), grilled some Italian sausage w/ peppers and onions, and then watched Desperate Housewives all night. It was wonderfully relaxing!!
  7. Chris & I have been watching Friends re-runs on TBS in the evenings while supper is cooking. I had forgotten how much I love that show. I never get tired of watching it.
  8. I'm so ready for it to start getting cooler because that means my favorite time of year is coming...going to the Fair, Pumpkin carving, Black Friday, and most importantly Christmas!
  9. I've been interrupted like 5 times now, so it's almost time to wrap this up.
  10. When Chris and I have weekends alone, it's hard to imagine how things were before we had kids..the house is so quiet! I can definitely understand how people suffer from the "Empty Nest" syndrome and my kids are only 4 and 1!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Landon's 4-Year Well Check

Landon went yesterday for his four year well check. He was such a brave boy, even though he still holds his moma's hand the whole time. He passed his eye test at about 20/25, but they said that was still good because kids that age tend to get bored taking the test and start not paying attention, which even I could tell was happening with Landon. He passed the hearing test with flying colors. The nurse couldn't believe how well he did. She said it normally takes kids his age around 30 minutes to pay attention to the test enough to pass and it took Landon around 2 minutes. My little boy's so smart! Last year they did a urine analysis and finger prick to check his blood, so fortunately we didn't have to do that this year. He weighs 36 lbs. even and is 38" tall. According to Mr. Chris, our P.A., this puts him around the 50th percentile for weight, but surprisingly to me, only 25th percentile for his height. Mr. Chris said that his BMI is 85%!! But if you've ever seen him without his shirt on, you can tell the boy doesn't have a lick of fat on him. You can count his ribs! But Mr. Chris said he just needed to have a growth spurt to grow into those muscles that he has. He said he was just built a solid little boy, but not overweight at all. After Mr. Chris left, the nurse came back in and gave him his four kindergarten shots...Measles/Mumps, Chicken Pox, Polio, and Tetanus vaccine. He was so brave and just cried a little bit. But let me tell you, he milked that sucker all day long. He would keep showing up his leg and say it needed to be kissed. What a sweet little boy. I was proud of my little boy, but I sure am glad we have another year before kindergarten, because just getting the shots yesterday broke my heart!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. We just spent the last 4 days at the beach. It was a great mini-vacation.
  2. Landon and Nixon never fail to amaze me at the beach. They're so good and content while playing in the shallow end of the water and the sand. They could stay out there all day.
  3. On the other end of that, it makes me nervous to think about wanting to add a baby to that in a year or more. I finally feel like I'm getting things together!
  4. I have to take Landon to his 4 year well check today. When I scheduled the appointment, they asked me if I wanted to go ahead and do all his kindergarten sad, we're talking about kindergarten already!
  5. I've had a couple of people call about my crib set that I have for sale, but no takers yet.
  6. VBS went great last week, but having 15 pre-k - 1st graders will wear you out!
  7. I should be getting Nixon's b-day invitations in the mail the first of this week. His party will be at the Pineville Pool on August 29 from 10 - 12, just so you know.
  8. I got the best picture of Landon and Nixon at the beach the other day. Look for it on my Wordless Wednesday post tomorrow:)
  9. There's a new photographer in Smithfield that I really want to take some pictures of our family. I'll have to get Chris talked into this one though!
  10. I'm officially starting Weight Watchers next week...meetings and everything. I've found that I can't do it unless I have someone to be accountable to. Let's hope it goes well this time!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. We've taken apart the bunk beds..the boys are still in the same room, but just side-by-side. Chris and I lost a lot of sleep this past week. We were scared to death that Landon was going to fall off the top bunk because he still moves around so much. Then, Nixon kept slamming his head into the ladder all night long because he moves around so much.

  2. VBS is all this week at church. Landon is in a class for the first time and he's loving every minute. He's usually very shy, but I guess since he's around only kids within a couple years of his age, he's more comfortable. He participates in every single class and I couldn't be more proud!

  3. I keep thinking how close we're getting to cooler weather, which I must say is freaking me out a little since that means cold/flu season!

  4. We went to the pool the other day and this is how Nixon was when we got back. You know he's tired when he doesn't even want to eat!
  5. Work has been crazy this past week! I don't know if there's a full moon in the near future, but the Selma Crazies have been in full-force!!
  6. Every night, after our "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer, Landon will "God Bless" a whole crowd of people. Anyway, the other night, he blessed Lucas, my brother, like 10 times. He would say a few names, then Lucas, a few more names, then Lucas..etc, was too funny!
  7. I can't believe it's almost time for school to start back again! It seems like this summer has flown by!
  8. We're going for a mini-vacation this weekend. We'll be at the beach Friday - Tuesday and I can't wait!
  9. Now that Landon and Nixon are sharing a room, I can hear them talk to each other for a good 30 minutes when we lay them down at night. It's so sweet!
  10. I finally watched "Mamma Mia" this past weekend and it was so good! I want to watch it again, but it's taken me this long to get Chris to watch it one time, I think I'd be pushing my luck!