Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. On Friday, I went to Lumberton for a Girl's Night Out with my Grandma, Aunts, and a couple of cousins. It was so much fun and I miss them terribly!

  2. After our dinner, I went to Lumberton's 1st Home Football game with two of my aunts and one cousin to watch another cousin cheer. While we were there, we spotted Michael Jackson..no really..check it out...
  3. On Saturday, Chris was at a softball tournament all day, the boys were with Chris' mom, so I enjoyed a day doing nothing but what I wanted to do. This included getting a pedicure and shopping all day long..even though I only bought two things since I am on a budget!
  4. Chris & I started watching all the Desperate Housewives seasons. I've always wanted to watch it, but never had the time. I'm completely hooked!
  5. Sad thing is, I associate more with Lynette than any of the other women...I'm not sure that's a good thing!
  6. Landon started the four year old preschool class at daycare today. I'm so excited, but sad all at the same time.
  7. I almost started crying today when I passed a school bus. I called Chris all worried about how Landon would know which bus to get on next year. I'm going to be a mess next year!
  8. I lost 2.8 lb at Weight Watchers this past week!! That's the most I've ever lost in one week before and I was so excited!!
  9. August is a busy birthday month. Happy Birthday to Maria, Madilyn, Mr. Phil, Kim, Nikki, Gage, and Amanda!! (and anyone else I might've left out)
  10. Nixon's party is this Saturday..I hope we have good weather!

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Tiff said...

Glad you had such a fun ladies night!!!!! AWESOME about WW! GO E!!!