Monday, January 26, 2015

One More Step

Well, this past weekend, we took one more step to saying goodbye to our baby years.  And let me tell you, this was probably one of my hardest steps to take.  After this, all we have left of our baby years is Hattie sleeping in a crib and diapers!  It's so hard to believe and while Chris is loving it, I'm hanging onto every step until the last minute!  I've known since Hattie was born that I wanted to do something special when we got rid of her paci.  Simply because she's our only child who has cared anything about it.  So, early on, we decided when the time came, we would go to Build-a-bear and let her put her paci into the bear with the heart.  This way, she can sleep with her paci still, just not with the paci in her mouth.  

Recently, she has started talking around her paci.  This drives me nuts!  She also would bite her pacis to the point that most of them were barely hanging on.  This made me nervous especially at nap time.  Couple that with the fact that she didn't even use her paci at daycare and I figured it was time.  The boys were going to be going to a basketball game in Chapel Hill this past weekend so I figured there was no time like the present.  On the way down, I looked at Hattie and said, "Aww, Hattie this is the last time I'll see you with a paci".  Her immediate response to me was to point her finger at me and say "hush!"  She obviously did not want to talk about it!  

When we got to Build-a-bear, she put the paci right into her bunny she had chosen and didn't look back.  I couldn't believe that it went that well.  But, oh when we left the store, she had a meltdown.  She cried from one end of the mall to the other and 30 minutes into our ride to pick up the boys from the game.  She kept saying, "paci, I want my paci".  I would give her the bunny and she would throw it down on the ground.  Or, she would dig in the bunny trying to get the paci out.  

Luckily, when we got home, she was so tired, she went right to sleep.  On Sunday, she didn't even ask for her paci during the day.  After bath, she did ask for it once, but I told her that her paci was gone bye bye and she was fine with it.  She has finally come around to loving the bunny.  I think she's finally figured out that at least she can still hold it!  I love that little sassy girl of mine.