Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

This will be my first time doing this..tell me what you think:

So Proud!!

*****Warning:  There will be a lot of bragging in this post about Nixon*****

If you're still here, I should start by telling you that I was really getting worried about Nixon.  He'd never tell us that he had to potty.  Sure, he'd go if you took him, but he never asked to go like Landon did.  Also, it never seemed to bother him that he was wet.  I was getting really worried that I'd be sending him to kindergarten with pull-ups.  Not really, but kind of!  Anyway, on the 7th, his teacher asked me to bring him some underwear.  She, apparently, thought he was ready.  I think my response was, "Really? Are you sure?"  Haha!  So, on the 10th, I took him to school in his big-boy underwear.  Monday through Wednesday, he only messed up once or twice a day, which I thought was pretty good.  But then Thursday rolled around and he messed up so many times, they had to put a pull-up on him because he was down to his last outfit.  On the way home, he was so pitiful when I was asking him about why he didn't go potty.  It was almost like he was embarassed when he told me he "pe-peed in the wunch woom."  So, I'm not sure if it was embarassment or what, but Thursday when we got home from school, he told me he had to potty.  Right before we left for Landon's game, he told me he had to potty.  We went to Lowes right after the game and he told us in there that he had to potty.  All of these times, when he told us, he was still dry by the time we got to the bathroom.  Then, right before bath, he told us he had to poop in the potty.  I was on Cloud 9!  I went from a little boy who wouldn't tell a soul if he had messed up to one who was obviously holding it and knew when he had to go.  At 1:00 that morning, Nixon woke me up.  He was hollering my name over and over.  By the time I got to the top of the upstairs, he was standing there waiting on me and he said, "I gotta go potty!"  He was still dry from the time we had put him to bed!  Since then, he's only messed up once or twice, at least once not being his fault!  He's even keeping his big boy underwear on during naps at school!  If you're a mom, you know how big of a deal this is!  We've been buying diapers for 5 years straight!  Although we do have another baby on the way, it'd be nice to at least get a couple of months off!  Those things are expensive!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I went to my first doctor's appointment last Monday.  My official due date is December 10th.  I've only gained 3 lbs. so far (but it really feels like about 15!)
  2. The boys were very excited when we told them last Monday.  We had to let them know it was our secret, which I must say, they kept well. 
  3. On Tuesday afternoon, when I picked the boys up, Landon asked me, "What's our secret again?"  He knew it was something, just couldn't quite remember the subject!
  4. Nixon wore big boy underwear to school yesterday.  The teacher is the one who asked me to do it.  He actually did great!  Only messed up once I think it was, but then messed up as soon as we got home.  I think he just didn't make it to the potty in time.  Maybe it'll click soon!
  5. Oh, but he did, right before bath time tell me he had to poop..and he did!!  Woo Hoo!!
  6. Isn't it strange, the things parents get excited about??  But if you look at it from our perspective,  we've been buying diapers for 5 years now!  Landon didn't go out of pull-ups until after Nixon was born.  It would be nice to have a little break before the baby comes!
  7. Where did this cooler weather come from?   I'm not exactly sure, but I sure am ready for the warmer weather to come back!
  8. Landon had his first t-ball game last night.  He's so excited when he can go play baseball.  He was on Cloud 9 all night long!
  9. Our closing date is definitely set for May 27th!!!  The realtor called me the other day to choose which garage doors I wanted.  The contractors should start to work on finishing the house this week.
  10. Chris & I are very blessed right now.  We've got so many things going on, but all very exciting events.  Even though I'm a little nervous to go back to making a house payment, I'm very excited by all the changes coming our way!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. We got the house!!! I told myself I wouldn't get excited this time until I received the signed contract back.  Well, around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, my realtor e-mailed it to me so it's official!!  We close on May 27th!!!!  Future Home of the Walters' Family
  2. I took the day off of work yesterday just because I felt like I needed it.  It was so nice.  I went to Barnes & Noble, to see Amanda and her new baby and just relaxed.  I think everyone should do that every now and then. 
  3. When I put Landon's t-ball clothes on him to go to practice, it never fails that he will ask, "Do I look handsome in my baseball clothes?"  It's the cutest thing!  His love language is definitely words of affirmation.
  4. Speaking of love languages, that's the study we're doing in our new Sunday school class.  Mine is Gifts, which is really no surprise to me, but it kind of makes me feel superficial.  I guess you can't help what your love language is though, right?
  5. I was surprised to find out that Chris' is quality time.  Not that I don't think he enjoys that, it just surprised me.  I thought his would be touch.  Guess you don't necessarily know everything about someone after 11 years, huh?
  6. I think the potty training thing might be clicking with Nixon.  He got up from his nap the other day (well, he hadn't gone to sleep yet) and peed on his frog potty and didn't even ask us if he could go.  He just told Chris after he did it.  He still gets so excited!!
  7. Actually, he's so excited, everyday when I pick him up, those are the first words out of his mouth, "I peed on the pot today mommy!"
  8. I picked up my purse yesterday from the radio station.  I'm in love!!  Now, if Chris could just win me a pair of those diamond earrings they're giving away :)
  9. Chris was supposed to have his last baseball game yesterday.  It got cancelled for rain, even though it never actually rained here.  It was supposed to, but never came to our county.  The game's rescheduled for today.  Go Cardinals!!  They're Conference Champs already, but it'd be nice to go out undefeated!
  10. Did I mention we're closing on our house May 27th??  I'm so excited/nervous I can't stand it.  I guess we better get packing!!