Monday, April 13, 2015

Hattie - 2 Years!

Well, that two years went by way too fast!  My little Hattie Girl is and always will be my baby.  I'm ashamed to say that at two years old, she already knows it and will take advantage! Just the other day, Lily was sitting in my lap and Hattie comes up to her and pushes her away with her hand while saying, "No, Lily, that's my mommy, not Lily's".  I love that she's such a moma's girl!  The boys kind of go back and forth between me and Chris and Lily is definitely a Daddy's girl so it's nice to have one that's mine.  I'm sure this will change many times through the years, but for right now, she finds great joy in telling her Daddy no to everything and then running to me.  At two, Hattie:

-weighs 27.4 lb (50%)

-is 33" tall ( little shorty)

-has a head that is 47.6 cm big (50%)

-wears size 5 diapers

-wears 3T clothes...she must have had a growth spurt recently because she was rocking the 2T clothes just a couple of weeks ago with plenty of room.  I will say that she can't wear blue jeans because her belly is so big.  If I get them to fit in her belly, they're way too long in the length.  So, we have to do all leggings.  I love to see those little fat thighs in leggings!

-wears size 6 shoe.  She still has itty bitty baby feet

-talks like crazy..her favorite words are No, Li-ly, Goose, Nic-Nic, Landon, Moma, Daddy, cookie, pop-tart and milk.  She has also started pairing words together.  If Chris picks her up from school, she'll say, "Mommy work" and when Chris is gone, she'll say, "Daddy work". She also love to say, "Hush Maggie". (she may have heard this from me a time or two)

-loves to play outside.  She absolutely loves the trampoline and just wandering around the back yard

-has started posing when I pull my camera out.  She'll put her hands on her hips and say cheese like crazy!

-goes to sleep around 8:00 every night if we're home and will sleep until about 7:30 am on the weekends (sometimes later if I'm lucky)

I just love this little girl so much.  She's such a snuggle bug and she has such a mix of all her siblings personalities.