Monday, November 14, 2016

Nixon - 9 Years!

My little Butterbean is not that little anymore!  Last year in the double digits - crazy how time flies faster each year.  Seems like just yesterday he was my little chubby baby.  At 9, he:

-is 51.77" tall (25%)
-weighs 63.2 lb (50%)
-plays lacrosse (still the only sport he'll commit to)
-has started Boy Scouts (and LOVES it!)
-is in 3rd grade
-has become obsessed with video games (we have to control this with limited game time during the day)
-loves having his own room (for the first time since he turned 1.5 years old)
-had his first sleepover for his birthday this year
-is still my snuggle bunny (he constantly hugs or touches you when you're near)
-is still my active little boy, he never wears out
-is tough as nails...if he cries when he gets hurt, you know he's really hurt
-still loves lime green/yellow - everything in his closet is this color it seems!

Nixon, you brought so much love and energy into our family when you were born.  You have an abundant amount of energy that's very exhausting, but you can't help but love life and laugh when you're around.  You are so much like your Daddy, it's unbelievable.  If you continue to have the personality and attitude that you have today, you'll go far.  I love you to the moon and back sweet boy!