Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hattie - 8 Months!

Sweet Hattie Girl is 8 Months old!  I can't believe it.  I keep telling her to slow down a little, but she just doesn't!  She's still such a good baby and if all babies were like her, I'd want to have 20!  She's such a little love muffin, always cuddling up to your neck when you're holding her.  She still hates to be kissed, but she just loves snuggling.  At 8 months, Hattie:

-wears mostly 12 month clothes.
-wears size 3 diapers.
-eats the same number of bottles and baby food containers as last month
-has still not gotten a tooth!
-can sit up very independently, even reaching for toys.
-loves her jump-a-roo.  She goes to town in this everyday and it reminds me so much of Nixon..although she's failed to fall asleep in it like he used to.
-has gotten very attached to her Bernie (sleep blankets).  She is always snuggled up to them when she's asleep at school and when she gets tired at home, that's what she wants to have.
-is getting ready to move up to the 6-12 month old class room at daycare.  They can't move up into that room until they're mobile and well, Hattie has just been lazy!
-loves to get on the floor and play with her brothers and sister.  They're very good at handing her toys that she can play with and mostly she just likes to watch them interact with each other.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hattie - 7 Months!

Little Hattie is 7 months old!  Time is flying by.  I feel like she was just born.  I think she'll always be a little baby to me because she IS my baby.  She's still sweet as sugar and by far, our best baby yet!  I guess it's good that we're ending on a good note!

At 7 Months, Hattie:
-wears size 3 diapers
-wears 9-12 month clothes depending on the style
-sleeps around 10 hours a night and takes 2-3 cat naps at school everyday.  She hasn't gotten the whole napping at school thing down pat yet!
-can finally sit up independently
-still has no teeth
-eats four 8 oz bottles everyday
-eats baby cereal for breakfast, a fruit and veggie for lunch and a fruit and veggie for supper (Stage 2)
-loves to watch her brothers and sister
-is ticklish everywhere, but especially under her chin
-says Dada
-loves to snuggle under my chin, giving lots of hugs when I pick her up from school.  She absolutely hates to be kissed on the mouth though.  She'll turn her head every time!
-loves to sleep on her side when we lay her down at night.  She automatically moves to that position
-is the loudest one in her class.  She yells all day.  Nothing's wrong, she just babbles extremely loud.  I think it's from all the loud chaos she's used to at home!