Sunday, November 5, 2017

Nixon - 10 Years!

Every year, it's so hard to imagine that my babies are the age they are.  You'd think at this point, I would be used to the growing up part of parenting, but I never get used to it.  The funny thing is, even though I hate the growing up part, I love watching them grow and learning new things.  Being a parent is one of the craziest rides ever! At 10, Nixon has calmed down so much compared to how much energy he used to have.  He has quite the personality and is one of the most lovable kids you'll ever meet.  Just about every one of his teachers he's had since starting school tells me how he's always close by and will just hold their hand at the most random times.

At 10, Nixon:
-weighs 70.4 lb (48%)
-is 53" tall (25%)
-has two favorite colors - black and yellow (because of the old rap song)
-loves music...he listens to it constantly
-is in 4th grade and does great in school
-is starting to notice the way he looks (fixes his hair, uses mouthwash everyday...I think this is because of a possible crush, but we can't make him admit it)
-plays lacrosse in the fall and spring
-LOVES to play any video's so funny to think he used to be my child that never wanted anything to do with a video game
-waivers between fierce protection of his siblings and being annoyed beyond belief by them
-wants to be a you-tuber when he grows up
-can run so much during running club...even though he hates every minute of it
-has plenty of nicknames - Butterbean, Peaches, Forehead, Nic-Nac..and the list goes on
-still will point with his middle finger from time to time..although he's mostly corrected this

I love our little middle child so much..he's a whole lot of crazy, but in just the right amount to keep us laughing.  He will talk non-stop when all you want is quiet and quiet when you want to talk.  He's lovable and cuddly at all the right moments.  I love that little boy with all of my heart.  I hope that you're always as care-free as you are right now.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Landon - 12 Years!

My original baby boy is 12!  One more year and I will have a teenager.  It's so hard for me to fathom.  It's such a cliche, but it seems like just yesterday, he was a baby and I was wondering how I was going to manage this whole parenting thing.  Because of my postpartum, I didn't really enjoy those first few weeks.  I was so excited to go back to work so that I would feel that I was "me" again.  Little did I know, you're never "me" again after your first child is born.  You become a new, better version of yourself.  You'll never be completely carefree again.  It's really like the saying goes, from the moment you have a child, it's like you're walking around with your heart outside of your body.  I love this boy more than I can put into words.  He makes me so proud everyday - from the way he helps without me asking to being sensitive to everyone's feelings around him.  Last year, in 6th grade, he was awarded MGMS Best All-Around Boy.  I couldn't agree more!

At 12, Landon:
-is 59.75" tall (61%) - he was so upset because he's dying to be 5' tall!
-weighs 87.6 lb (44%)
-wears mens' size in shoes now - size 6.5
-still wears youth size clothes - size youth large
-loves the colors black and red
-is getting ready to start 7th grade
-still loves baseball
-plays baseball (travel & rec), basketball, and will be trying out for the middle school football team
-wants to be an engineer when he grows up
-has acquired a love for coffee
-went on his first 'away from home' camp with church - and loved it!
-loves math
-will ride all over our side of town on his bike with friends
-has the biggest smile 

Landon, you make me so proud to be your mom!  I love you more than words and I can't wait to see you grow up.  I just wish you wouldn't do it so fast!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hattie - 4 Years!

My little Hattie girl is officially a four year old!  Seems like yesterday, she was my chubby little baby doll with a head full of black hair...

At four years old, Hattie:
-weighs 37.4 lb (69%)...still my little chunk
-is 38.25" high (19%)...still height challenged
-loves the color purple..she constantly tells me it's her favorite and if you buy her something in that color, she's beyond excited
-still hates to brush her hair.  She has gotten better, but will still fight tooth and nail to not do it
-loves her preschool...everyone is her best friend
-is still a momma's girl which makes my heart so happy
-loves to crawl in bed with Lily almost daily.  She will cuddle right up to Lily and even though Lily "says" she doesn't like it, she cuddles right back
-loves Maggie and any other dog she comes across...she's definitely an animal lover
-still loves her babies..she has moved on from just covering them up to brushing their hair, putting it in hair bows, and dressing them up in clothes
-is our little 'mother hen'.  If you sit beside her, she's going to have a hand on your leg, brushing your hair, covering you up with a blanket, etc.  She loves to nurture anyone around her
-loves to stay up late and sleep in.  She stays up a good hour after we lay her down just playing in her room or roaming around looking at her toys

I can't imagine our family without this little bookend.  She keeps us laughing and on our toes all at the same time.  She's our Patty, Hattie Girl and Hattie May and we couldn't love her more!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Lily - 6 Years!

My first little girl, my little Goose, is 6 years old!  Seems like just yesterday she was born and our whole world changed.  She's a mix of sassy, sweet, and every other emotion you can name.  She loves her little sister and brothers one minute and fights with them the next minute.  I love that she has to have a kiss and hug  She's categorized as a "leader" in her class and I think that will serve her well as she grows.  At 6, Lily:

-is 44.5" tall (30%)
-weighs 43.2 lb (37%)
-has lost one tooth - on Christmas Day
-is in kindergarten (Mrs. Hart's class)
-loves the transitional seating in class - the high table is her favorite
-loves everything craft-related.  In fact, all her presents from her friends on her birthday were crafts of some sort.  It's safe to say they know her well!
-loves pink - her favorite color
-wants to be a Police Officer when she grows up
-played her second recreational sport this year - t-ball and is now enrolled in Acro
-started counting down until her next birthday as soon as this birthday was over
-learned to swim this past summer
-is involved with Adventure Guides with her Daddy (she loves the Daddy/daughter events)
-loves walking club at school and semi-likes running club
-still talks about her friends from her old daycares and wonders if they remember her
-is still a Daddy's girl, but loves to do girly things with me such as pedicures
-calls the Prius, the Caprius - I love it!

Lily loves to cuddle still and is quick to hold your hand.  She's a very affectionate little girl and if we can get control of the emotional outbursts, we may just make it with our little diva! I love her to pieces and she's the double-stuff cream in our oreo of a family.