Friday, January 27, 2017

Lily - 6 Years!

My first little girl, my little Goose, is 6 years old!  Seems like just yesterday she was born and our whole world changed.  She's a mix of sassy, sweet, and every other emotion you can name.  She loves her little sister and brothers one minute and fights with them the next minute.  I love that she has to have a kiss and hug  She's categorized as a "leader" in her class and I think that will serve her well as she grows.  At 6, Lily:

-is 44.5" tall (30%)
-weighs 43.2 lb (37%)
-has lost one tooth - on Christmas Day
-is in kindergarten (Mrs. Hart's class)
-loves the transitional seating in class - the high table is her favorite
-loves everything craft-related.  In fact, all her presents from her friends on her birthday were crafts of some sort.  It's safe to say they know her well!
-loves pink - her favorite color
-wants to be a Police Officer when she grows up
-played her second recreational sport this year - t-ball and is now enrolled in Acro
-started counting down until her next birthday as soon as this birthday was over
-learned to swim this past summer
-is involved with Adventure Guides with her Daddy (she loves the Daddy/daughter events)
-loves walking club at school and semi-likes running club
-still talks about her friends from her old daycares and wonders if they remember her
-is still a Daddy's girl, but loves to do girly things with me such as pedicures
-calls the Prius, the Caprius - I love it!

Lily loves to cuddle still and is quick to hold your hand.  She's a very affectionate little girl and if we can get control of the emotional outbursts, we may just make it with our little diva! I love her to pieces and she's the double-stuff cream in our oreo of a family.  

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