Monday, November 26, 2012


I've seen everyone posting all month about things they're thankful for.  I'll be honest, I think to myself, you should be thankful all the time, not just the month of November.  But, then I started thinking again, just because someone tells things they're thankful for during one month doesn't mean they're not thankful year round.  So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon, condensing mine down to the top goes..

1 - I'm thankful for my relationship with my Lord and Savior. Thankfully, he was perfect and laid down His life, just because He loves each one of us.  With Him, I know where my eternal resting place will be.  I could never make it on my own accord, that's for sure!

2 - I'm thankful for my husband.  I don't know what I'd do without him by my side.  He's always there, always pushing me to be my best, even when I push back.  I couldn't ask for a better Daddy to our three (soon four) kids or a better husband to me.  We do everything 50/50.  He puts up with all my OCD, crazy ways.  He listens to me, helps me, and I know I can go to him with anything without him judging me or thinking I'm stupid for feeling however it is I'm feeling.  We've been together for 13 years, and I can't wait to see what the next 50 years have in store for us.

3 -  I'm thankful for Landon.  He's my first born, my perfect baby who could never be replaced.  He's got so much of my OCD personality, but all the competitiveness of Chris.   I love how he replays everything about his day, from school to playing the playstation in slow motion, even while it's driving me crazy.  I love how he can do his homework with little help from me.  I love how he's such a perfectionist already that it's not even funny.  He's our oldest pride and joy and I love everything about him.

4 - I'm thankful for Nixon.  He is definitely our precocious middle child.  I love how he gets excited about everything he's involved in..even something as simple as going to the grocery store alone.  I love how he always thinks about his older brother and little sister.  He's so loving and he'd give up anything to make sure one of his friends or siblings is happy.  He's got so much life and energy that it wears you out on any given day, but I can't imagine our family without him in it.

5 - I'm thankful for Lily.  She is our precious little diva that we couldn't wait to have be a part of our family.  I love how she already knows how to work everyone in the family, from Daddy all the way to Nixon.  I love how she uses her manners, always saying "thank you" and "sorry" when she's done something wrong.  I love how she loves for me to sing to her, especially all the old songs that my Mammy sang to me.  I didn't think we would ever have a little girl and now that we do, she is giving us a run for our money, but I couldn't imagine it any other way.

6 - I'm thankful for our little moonpie who we can't wait in April.  I'm thankful that it's a little girl that will surely complete our little family.  I'm happy that she already has a nickname given to her by her big sister.  I'm thankful that Lily will get to know what it's like to have a sister the same way my boys know what it's like to have a brother.  We can wait to meet Hattie and she will surely be a welcome addition to our little family.

7 - I'm thankful for my mom, brother and extended family.  They've let me be free, never making me feel guilty for wanting my space, but always there when I need them.  I know my mom always believes in me and would do anything in the world for me.

8 - I'm thankful for great friends.  Some I've had forever, some I've had only a short time.  I'm not the best when it comes to being a friend.  I'm the first to get lost in my everyday life and not call to check on my friends.  Thankfully i've found a group of friends that understand what it's like to have a husband and kids and whenever we get together, it's like we've never been apart.

9 - I'm thankful to have a job I love.  I have a great group of people that I work with and I can honestly say that I never mind going to work.  Of course, I love my time off as much as the next guy, but I honestly love what I do and who I work with.

10 - I'm thankful for four healthy pregnancies.  Other than migraines, I've never had a problem with any of my pregnancies.  I know that not everyone is that blessed and for this I'm very thankful.