Friday, April 7, 2017

Hattie - 4 Years!

My little Hattie girl is officially a four year old!  Seems like yesterday, she was my chubby little baby doll with a head full of black hair...

At four years old, Hattie:
-weighs 37.4 lb (69%)...still my little chunk
-is 38.25" high (19%)...still height challenged
-loves the color purple..she constantly tells me it's her favorite and if you buy her something in that color, she's beyond excited
-still hates to brush her hair.  She has gotten better, but will still fight tooth and nail to not do it
-loves her preschool...everyone is her best friend
-is still a momma's girl which makes my heart so happy
-loves to crawl in bed with Lily almost daily.  She will cuddle right up to Lily and even though Lily "says" she doesn't like it, she cuddles right back
-loves Maggie and any other dog she comes across...she's definitely an animal lover
-still loves her babies..she has moved on from just covering them up to brushing their hair, putting it in hair bows, and dressing them up in clothes
-is our little 'mother hen'.  If you sit beside her, she's going to have a hand on your leg, brushing your hair, covering you up with a blanket, etc.  She loves to nurture anyone around her
-loves to stay up late and sleep in.  She stays up a good hour after we lay her down just playing in her room or roaming around looking at her toys

I can't imagine our family without this little bookend.  She keeps us laughing and on our toes all at the same time.  She's our Patty, Hattie Girl and Hattie May and we couldn't love her more!