Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Take a look at my cute firemen.


On an exciting side note, we put an offer on a house..keep your fingers crossed and click below!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I lost 0.4 lb this week!  Woo hoo!
  2. Halloween is this weekend.  The boys are so excited!
  3. I have jury duty this morning, so this will be a quick post.
  4. Nixon's ear tube surgery went well..he was back to normal right after his belly was full.
  5. We had our family pictures on Sunday and it was so much fun.  I can't wait to see the pictures.  I know they'll be great because of who was taking them.
  6. Sunday afternoon we went to the Pumpkin patch.  It's so much fun doing things like that and I know my boys will remember doing those family activities when they get older.
  7. We found a house that's perfect for us.  We'll see where that goes...
  8. Chris and I are going to a Halloween party on Friday night.  We're going as a disco couple.  I'll post some pictures:)
  9. Okay..I really can't think of anything else in so short of time.
  10. Except..I'm really nervous about jury that crazy?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I lost 2 lbs. this past week!  That's a total of 8.8 lbs. lost in 9 weeks I think =)
  2. Landon told me Sunday night that he's not scared of "hairwolfs"
  3. Landon told my mom this past weekend that he's getting a new house on Friday.  Oh, how I wish!
  4. Chris & I had a great weekend!  We were so lazy without the boys here.  We slept in on Saturday and then I cooked a breakfast casserole.  Later, after cleaning the house, we went house hunting. 
  5. I have a new guilty pleasure - Sons of the's so good!
  6. Nixon's surgery is this Friday..I'm so nervous about it, but I'm sure everything will go well.  I think he actually has an ear infection right now, but I hate to take him to the doctor tomorrow when we already have a pre-op appointment on Wednesday.
  7. Our family pictures are scheduled for Sunday at a park in Raleigh.  I am so excited about them!  I hope the boys smile pretty! 
  8. I found out this morning that Nixon was fighting with Luke yesterday over Kylee.  Apparently, Luke was sitting beside Kylee and Nixon did not like that one bit!
  9. Landon asks me everyday after school how many days are left until Halloween. He's "super excited" to wear his costume.
  10. I think we'll go to the Pumpkin patch this weekend.  Landon remembers the hayride from last year and he can't wait to go back.  I love having these little family outings.  We're making the best memories!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I gained 1.6 lbs. this week.  Pretty much gained what I lost last week.  Oh well..better luck next week, right? 
  2. A compliment from another mom always makes you feel good about yourself.  Thanks Holly for your comment last came at just the right time!
  3. Nixon got put in time out in Sunday school this past Sunday.  Really?  What kid gets time out in church?
  4. I got some notecards to write sight words on yesterday.  Time for Landon to learn to read!
  5. My ten-year high school reunion was this past weekend.  I had looked forward to this from the time I graduated high school.  I couldn't wait to see how different everyone was after 10 years.  Too bad it wasn't put together well and it was only advertised on Facebook.  I didn't go and from the pictures I've seen and what I've heard, I'm glad I didn't.
  6. I absolutely love the new TV show, "The Modern Family."  It is hilarious and I recommend it to anyone for a good laugh.
  7. Our new software at work is wonderful!  Of course only 1/3 of it is installed and from what I've heard, this part is the easiest one to convert.  Oh well, I'm taking my victories as they come!
  8. I love this cooler weather.  I think Ellie does too..there's a little more pep in her step when I take her outside.
  9. I would love to have a good massage!  I haven't had one since I was pregnant with Nixon...which is about 2 1/2 years ago!
  10. I need to find a new breakfast menu that's good on Weight Watchers.  Cereal is just not filling me up like it should.  Any suggestions?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wayne County Fair

So Landon's prayer was finally answered last night..we went to Wayne County Fair.  I just can't get over how nice this fair is compared to others that I've been to.  Half of the rides are little kid's rides so we really get our money's worth with Landon.  On top of that, there's never that many people there when we go and you can just hop right on a ride and you don't even have to wait.  Landon had so much fun he couldn't hardly stand himself.  Here are some random quotes I heard from him throughout the night:
  • Oh my gosh, it's going to be so much fun.
  • That ferris wheel is going to be super scary.
  • That ride went so fast like superman.
  • That ferris wheel was so fun.  I was so high I could see my house.
  • Nixon, don't be scared.  The fair will be so much fun.
  • I love the Fair.
  • I want to come to the Fair 100 times.
  • Is the Fair going to be here again?
  • Bye Fair....see you next year!
We got there around 6:15 and didn't end up getting home until 10:45.  The boys were so tired, they just conked right out after bath.  I didn't get that many pictures, but here's a couple that turned out okay.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Nixon was checking out his girlfriend Libby

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I lost 1.6 lb this past week at WW!!  That means I reached my 5% goal and then some!
  2. We're going to Wayne County Fair tomorrow night (as long as it doesn't rain) and Landon is so excited.  He reminds me how many days we have left when I pick him up from school in the afternoon.
  3. On the way home from school yesterday, the song "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight" was on the radio.  After the chorus, Nixon said, "I like this song Mommy"  It was too cute!
  4. I love this cooler weather, but I had to go buy some new clothes for Landon and Nixon.  They had nothing to wear!
  5. Ellie has slept in the bed with us the past three nights.  She does really good and it's just like having Daisy May back.
  6. We're getting new software at work and it's very exciting, but also very stressful making sure everything converts properly.
  7. I've got Landon's Halloween costume, but I still have to find one for Nixon.  Chris & I also need one for a Halloween party we're going to...any good suggestions for couples?
  8. We had Railroad Days this past weekend.  I was downtown from 7:40 am - 6:20 pm.  It was so much fun but I was worn out!
  9. I walked a 5k and that was very exciting, plus Chris & I played in a Cornhole Tournament. 
  10. I was sore the rest of the weekend because I never work out!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smart Boy

Landon's teacher told me the other day that she was very impressed with him.  Apparently, he had put together a 42 piece floor puzzle that's also reversible all by himself!  She said he just sat right there by himself until he finished it.  Also, this week he's learned the difference between his right and his left.  This morning he told me he wanted me to put his right shoe on first and put his right foot right on top of my leg.  I was so amazed.  I asked him who taught him that and he said, "My teacher, Ms. Fuwisha (Ms. Felicia)"  My little boy is getting so big and smart.  Our next goal is reading.  Chris and I want him to be able to read when he goes into kindergarten next year.  Any tips?

Sharing Rooms is the Best!

I have a cute story I think you all might like:

It happened on Tuesday night.  Chris had to tell me about it, because of course, I don't wake up for anything.  He said around 2:00 a.m., he heard Landon whispering to Nixon.  When he listened harder, he heard Landon saying, "Nixon, wake up, wake up."  After Nixon groggily replied, "Huh?", Landon said, "You want to come get in bed with me, come on, come lay with me." to which Nixon replied, "No, I want stay in my bed."  And that was that.  Landon loves sharing a room so much.  On Friday nights, we usually let them stay up later and watch cartoons in bed.  Nixon always conks out before Landon.  It never fails that Landon will climb in bed with his brother and kiss him goodnight after he goes to sleep and then he gets back in his bed.  How sweet is that?