Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I lost 1.6 lb this past week at WW!!  That means I reached my 5% goal and then some!
  2. We're going to Wayne County Fair tomorrow night (as long as it doesn't rain) and Landon is so excited.  He reminds me how many days we have left when I pick him up from school in the afternoon.
  3. On the way home from school yesterday, the song "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight" was on the radio.  After the chorus, Nixon said, "I like this song Mommy"  It was too cute!
  4. I love this cooler weather, but I had to go buy some new clothes for Landon and Nixon.  They had nothing to wear!
  5. Ellie has slept in the bed with us the past three nights.  She does really good and it's just like having Daisy May back.
  6. We're getting new software at work and it's very exciting, but also very stressful making sure everything converts properly.
  7. I've got Landon's Halloween costume, but I still have to find one for Nixon.  Chris & I also need one for a Halloween party we're going to...any good suggestions for couples?
  8. We had Railroad Days this past weekend.  I was downtown from 7:40 am - 6:20 pm.  It was so much fun but I was worn out!
  9. I walked a 5k and that was very exciting, plus Chris & I played in a Cornhole Tournament. 
  10. I was sore the rest of the weekend because I never work out!

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The Granings said...

you are so good about 10 Things Tuesday and updating your blog! I am super impressed and motivated. Can you do a 10 Things Tuesday on how you are able to do it all..work, awesome mommy, wife, etc, etc!!