Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smart Boy

Landon's teacher told me the other day that she was very impressed with him.  Apparently, he had put together a 42 piece floor puzzle that's also reversible all by himself!  She said he just sat right there by himself until he finished it.  Also, this week he's learned the difference between his right and his left.  This morning he told me he wanted me to put his right shoe on first and put his right foot right on top of my leg.  I was so amazed.  I asked him who taught him that and he said, "My teacher, Ms. Fuwisha (Ms. Felicia)"  My little boy is getting so big and smart.  Our next goal is reading.  Chris and I want him to be able to read when he goes into kindergarten next year.  Any tips?


Sissy said...

Dr. Suess...One Fish, Two Fisf, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Tiff said...

What a smart boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED the bedtime story! TOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!