Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sharing Rooms is the Best!

I have a cute story I think you all might like:

It happened on Tuesday night.  Chris had to tell me about it, because of course, I don't wake up for anything.  He said around 2:00 a.m., he heard Landon whispering to Nixon.  When he listened harder, he heard Landon saying, "Nixon, wake up, wake up."  After Nixon groggily replied, "Huh?", Landon said, "You want to come get in bed with me, come on, come lay with me." to which Nixon replied, "No, I want stay in my bed."  And that was that.  Landon loves sharing a room so much.  On Friday nights, we usually let them stay up later and watch cartoons in bed.  Nixon always conks out before Landon.  It never fails that Landon will climb in bed with his brother and kiss him goodnight after he goes to sleep and then he gets back in his bed.  How sweet is that?

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Sissy said...

I miss these things with Elizabeth and Tonio, Cherish them, they go by quickly