Friday, February 28, 2020

Lily - 9 Years!

Lily, my little Goose, is 9!  One more year and we'll be entering the double digits! Lily, you're a girl with a lot of emotions.  You're sweet and then sour at the drop of a hat.  But, that sour side doesn't last long.  All we have to do is give you a little hug or kiss and you go back to your sweet self.  You are a girl who's always known exactly what you wanted and you're just stubborn enough to get it! 

At 9, Lily:
-weighs 56.8 lb (21%)
-is 4'8.8" tall (21%)
-finally bumped up to a Youth Medium in clothes
-will start soccer this year, but still loves to play basketball
-is in 3rd Grade and doing great
-got her first set of braces this year
-loves the color pink
-wears tennis shoes every day to school because she can run in those and she can't if she wears boots or flip flops
-still loves love
-talks all the time about her future...but her plans on what she intends to be change often

Lily, you're my little firecracker.  I love you so much, but you're not afraid to tell me you're a Daddy's girl. 

Nixon - 12 Years!

My little Butterbean Nixon is 12 years old!  One more year and I'll have two teenagers in the house.  We should start praying now!  Nixon is the polar opposite of Landon.  He's doing well adjusting to middle school and has actually come out of his shell even more.  He can be a tough one to crack sometimes.  I think he knows that Chris and I have our hands full with our busy family and he tends to blend into the background.  We've really tried over the past year to make sure that doesn't happen.  I want him to always know he's special and loved more than life itself. 

At 12, Nixon:
-weighs 84.2 lb (34%)
-is 4'10.25" tall (39%)
-started 6th grade
-tried a new sport (Cross Country and does absolutely phenomenal at it)
-wants to be a Youtuber or Coder when he grows up
-started riding the bus to school for the first time
-has made so many new friends at Middle School
-started playing the Saxophone in Band and he's a natural

Nixon, you're the sweetest thing ever.  You have a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone.  I know that it will serve you well.  I love you more than anything!

Landon - 14 Years!

Landon, my first born, is officially fourteen!  One more year and we'll be thinking about driving.  I know I say it all the time, but it's crazy how long the days are, but on the other hand, how short the years are.  Landon is a typical "first-born".  He's a rule-follower (at least as far as I know). He usually observes more than participates.  And he also has a heart of gold.  I love that boy more than life itself.  The teenage years haven't been that bad so far, but I know we have a ways to go.  Basically, puberty has made him revert back to how he was as an infant.  If he's grumpy, make him sleep or eat and that usually solves it! Seriously, he's a great kid and I couldn't ask for better.

At 14, Landon:
-weighs 111.2 lbs (45%)
-is 5'5" tall (61%)
-wears Adult Small clothes
-went from a size 6.5 to 10.5 shoe in 3 months time!
-has narrowed down to only playing baseball with school
-still plays Rec basketball
-wants a Jeep when he turns 16
-wants to be a Physical Therapist and go to ECU
-can't wait to be an adult so he can eat as many Little Debbies as he wants (ha!)
-has started working out at the hospital gym and loves it
-has started riding to school with me again..feels weird after so many years of not taking him
-has adjusted well to high school

I think Landon will go far in life.  I can't wait to see what roads he travels down as he gets older and starts to make some real life decisions.  It's so weird how as a parent, you don't want them to grow up, but you can't wait at the same time.  Such conflicting emotions.  Landon, I love you more than you love those cold Little Debbies.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Nixon - 11 Years!

Well, well, little Butterbean is 11 years old!  I can't hardly believe it.  I look at pictures of that little chubby face or hear that little baby voice on videos and it feels like yesterday.  Nixon has always been my little firecracker from Day 1.  He kept me on my toes when he was a toddler and I feel like he will do that for years to come.  He's so much like Chris, it's uncanny.  He's my middle child that just goes with the flow most days.  He's social like Chris and is with friends more than he's home.  He still plays lacrosse, but has no desire to play any other sport.  He is not competitive at all, which is definitely a trait he gets from me. 

At 11 years old, Nixon:

*is 55.5" tall (32%)
*weighs 73.8 lb (31%)
*is in 5th grade
*plays lacrosse
*finally wears a Medium/Large in clothes (growth spurt finally!)
*favorite color is yellow and blue
*wants to be a You-tuber when he grows up
*loves to read (he went through multiple 500 page books this past summer)

Nixon, you have a heart of gold.  You'll go without so that one of your siblings has something.  You wear your emotions on your sleeve and I can usually tell when something is bothering you.  I love you more than life itself. I can't wait to see you grow.  I know you'll go far in life and carry compassion to everyone you meet.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Landon - 13 Years!

My original baby boy is 13! I can't hardly believe that I'm old enough to have a teenager!  Landon has always been such an easy kid.  He has, and always had, such a sweet, compassionate heart.  He takes everything in stride and nothing seems to faze him.  However, you know when something is bothering him, because he wears his emotions all over his face.  It's crazy when you start looking eye to eye with your child, when they start looking more like a grown up than a little boy.  It tugs on your heartstrings just a little to think of everything you've been through together, but also exciting to think about what's to come.  

At 13, Landon:
-weighs 92.4 lb (34%)
-is 5'2" (51%)
-wears an XL shirt, but still a L in pants
-finally moved up to an adult shoe - size 7
-is moving up to 8th grade - last year in middle school even though it feels like we just started
-will play football and baseball in middle school again this year
-has started daily workouts so that he can get stronger
-will eat all day long if you let him
-still wants to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up

Landon, I love you more than life itself.  I'll always be your biggest fan.  You're the one that has taught me so much about myself and this motherhood game

Friday, April 13, 2018

Hattie - 5 Years!

My little Hattie girl is five!  I can't hardly believe it.  When we moved to Wilmington, she was six months old, wasn't sitting up by herself and was still very much my baby.  Today, she is five, runs around like a crazy woman until bedtime..but she's still very much my baby.  Through all the kids, I wanted just one that loved their momma.  Well, I finally have it.  She wants to be constantly by my side.  She loves to run errands, no matter where we're going.  I definitely think she'll be the one to go on shopping trips with me as she gets matter what we're shopping for. I think to myself all the time how unfair it is to only have one baby in each family.  They always get your laid back personality because you've done this parenting thing a time or two and you're not as paranoid about every.little.thing that could go wrong.  I guess they also get some of the disadvantages - you're tired!  Hattie has been a little mother hen from Day 1.  She loves her siblings, baby dolls, Maggie and all her friends with a fierceness.  She loves to nurture, whether it's giving up the last cookie or wrapping you up in a blanket when you're laying down.  She absolutely loves to crawl into Lily's bed after Lily falls asleep and cuddle her like there's no tomorrow.  She loves to hang out in Landon's room and play with his Legos while he plays video games.  She loves to hug Nixon before he leaves for school in the morning (mainly because it drives him nuts).  At 5, Hattie:

-weighs 39 lbs (45%)
-is 41" tall (22%)
-wears a 5t in clothes
-wears a 10 in shoes (itty bitty feet still)
-goes to bed around 9 and will sleep until around 9 on the weekends or days without school
-loves to carry her baby dolls in their carriers when we go shopping
-loves to shorten people's names - Dad, Mom, Land, Nic, and Lil
-will start kindergarten in about 4 months
-finally loves dance - it only took about 1.5 years
-will bust a move and sing in a heartbeat
-has already chosen her husband (Cole Manning)
-has a stubborn streak (baby of the family probs)
-has a favorite color - purple
-loves to can spot her wearing necklaces, rings and bow that usually don't match at all times..sometimes she even sports her tiara
-has told me "Happy Mother's Day" and Chris "Happy Birthday" every.single.night without fail since last May
-has a sweet tooth..she'll sneak a snack in a heartbeat

I love this baby girl of mine with all my heart.  She's so hard to stay mad at because of her cute, bubbly personality.  She completes our family in a way that no one else could.  I can't wait to see how her personality develops even more as she grows up!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lily - 7 Years!

Oh did we even get to this point?  Seems like yesterday that I was holding you for the first time.  Now, you're 7!  One more year in the car seat as you like to remind me.  6 more years until you can have your own room.  (You remind me of that one more often) I'm not sure what you'll do if Landon ends up going to college close'll be stuck sharing a room with Hattie until you move out!  At 7, you:

-weigh 46.8 lb (28%)
-are 46.75" tall (24%)
-still wear a size 6 clothes and a 13've stayed at those sizes for over a year now
-still choose pink as your favorite color
-are freakishly strong (you're a beast on the monkey bars and have been since about 3 years old)
-want to be an artist when you grow up
-have a ton of best friends..everyone is your best friend according to you
-love your tumbling've moved from level one to level two in 3 months
-love to play any sports we'll let you play (so far it's been soccer, baseball, and basketball)
-are so tenderhearted!  You pretend that you have a stone exterior, but it doesn't take much to hurt your feelings.  I have to try to keep that in mind when you cry over any little thing
-love your scratchy blanket.  You still sleep with it every night
-can play all day by still talk to your imaginary friends and you're not afraid to tell me that
-are a great love your brothers and sisters hard!
-are very opinionated when it comes to what you wear and how your hair is fixed
-love to will read a chapter book in two days if it's one you like

Lily, you're my little Goose and I can't imagine our family without you in it.  You're one that definitely keeps me on my toes.  You're a definite Daddy's girl and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  I love you so much sweet girl.