Thursday, January 28, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering...

Landon informed me today that the opposite of Upper-case is Downer-Case....that pretty much sums it up I guess!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cracked Hearts

Landon asked me yesterday afternoon why the heart on his shirt was cracked.  After telling him a couple of times (because he forgot) that it meant he was a heartbreaker and good looking, he said, "Yeah, but I don't listen all the time."  Then, that made me think of the sermon in church this past Sunday.  Our preacher is doing a series of 10 sermons on "relationships."  This past Sunday's sermon was on our relationship with our tongue.  He pointed out a well-known fact; once you say something negative to someone, they may forgive, but they're never going to forget.  It's true.  You can say something positive to someone and they'll forget it by tomorrow, but let something mean or hurtful slip out and they'll remember it 20 years from now.  The preacher explained how you have to constantly have your heart full of love (and the Spirit) so that there's no room for that negative tongue to lash out.  It's hard because we are all human, and like Landon so simply stated, "We don't listen all the time."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts on Life

I know it's been a while since I've posted.  Life has been extremly crazy for me lately, so here's some random thoughts to keep you (the few who have asked where my blog posts are) at bay =)
  • My billing supervisor at work left the end of December.  She accepted another job closer to home.  Therefore, while waiting on a new person to start, I've been doing her job.  It's crazy hard doing two full-time jobs in only 40-45 hours a week!
  • Ellie is like another child at times.  She's so demanding of our time.  Our other two dogs were not like that at all.  Well, it's either that, or because we didn't have kids, we didn't notice!
  • If anyone knows how to get a dog to quit jumping, I'd appreciate any tips.  We've tried the "knee to the chest" thing when she jumps, but it just makes her jump more!
  • Nixon has the worst balance ever.  Last week, he tripped and fell into a door at school.  He got a big gash on his forehead, but it didn't slow him down any.
  • We went to our first Hurricanes game on Monday.  A guy at work gave us some tickets, which were great by the way, and we had so much fun!  Landon is obssessed with hockey now, but he was upset that they didn't win when we saw them because "he wanted them to win."
  • Landon loves playing basketball.  I think baseball is still his favorite, but he loves that he has practice on Wednesday and games on Saturday.  That means that he gets to go twice a week to play!
  • Still no word on the house.  The latest news is that the foreclosure process is started.  We won't have any other news until at least next week sometime. 
  • This past week has gotten me ready for Spring!  I'm so ready to go to the pool again!
  • I think I've gained a little of my weight back.  It's crazy how stress affects my eating habits.  Some people don't eat when they get stressed, but that's definitely not me!
  • Nixon is still pottying pretty good.  He'll go if you take him, but he still doesn't know when he needs to go.  That's okay, small steps!
I think that's about it for all should be pretty caught up with what's going on in our world.  Nothing too exciting, just normal, everyday life around here, which is a blessing!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Nixon is still doing great with the potty.  They told me today when I picked him up that he went every time they took him!
  2. When Landon heard that Nixon peed and pooped in the potty, he said, "Nixon, you're doing a great job!"  What a motivator!
  3. Landon asked me how many days until show and tell.  I told him and then asked him what he wanted to take to which he replied, "You'll have to wait and see."
  4. No news on the house yet other than they've started the foreclosure process.  They're going to have to foreclose on it before we can buy it.  This could take up to 4 weeks and anybody can come and outbid us until after the foreclosure process is over.
  5. I've quit Weight Watchers.  I just hated paying $40/month for the couple pounds that I was losing in a month's time.  I'm weighing in at work with a girl I work with.  I figure I still have accountability because I'm weighing with someone, without paying the monthly fee.
  6. Ellie has been crazy lately.  I don't know if the cooler weather is making her frisky or what!
  7. We finally watched "The Hangover" Friday night.  That movie was hilarious!  Definitely have to get that one on DVD.
  8. One of my employees' last day was the 30th.  I've been doing her job this week until we hire someone which will probably be another couple of weeks, then however long they give notice to their current employer.  It's been crazy! 5:00 comes before I know it and I'm worn out!
  9. I just finished reading the book, "Water for Elephants."  It  was a great book that I'd recommend to anyone.
  10. I can't believe it's 2010 already!  One of my goals this year is to pay off at least $12,000 in debt.  I don't know if this is feasible if we get a house but we'll see!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Baby is Growing Up!

I've heard about it from different teachers at daycare and Chris..but I'd yet to see it for myself.  However, five minutes after coming home with a little potty, Nixon finally peed for me!!  Yay!! I was beginning to think he'd be going to college in pull-ups!  I hadn't tried to buy a little potty for Nixon because they freaked Landon out and he wouldn't go potty for like 3 months after his "experience".  But I guess Nixon wanted to prove to me once again that he's nothing like his big brother Landon.  After that first time in the little potty tonight, he was so excited, he went  like two or three more times!  Landon now thinks he's ready for big boy underwear.  I had to explain to him that it takes a little more than that!