Thursday, October 2, 2008

What a week!

Most of you know already, but we've had a very trying week. I was scheduled to have a conference on Monday at 1:00 with the Assistant Director at Landon & Nixon's daycare. Since Nixon started the daycare about 6 weeks ago, we've had a time trying to get him adjusted. Seems he has a biting problem that exists only at daycare. Now, this is a little hard for me to comprehend. By no means am I one of those parents who thinks their child does no wrong, but I know when behavior shows up at only one place, something is happening there. So, anyway, he got dismissed from daycare for biting, even though we hadn't been told of his biting problem, except for one other time. Needless to say, I took both boys out immediately and went home to cry/sort it all out. Chris & I discovered later that day that he had been wrongly dismissed and Chris went to confront the Director about it. Chris is not normally one to confront ANYONE, so that tells you how upset we both were. Well, the Director admitted she was wrong and apologized over and over for not giving him a chance. They'll be starting back on Monday and I pray that his biting stops, because this daycare is one of the best in Johnston County and honestly, they just made a mistake. God teaches us to forgive, right?