Friday, August 11, 2017

Landon - 12 Years!

My original baby boy is 12!  One more year and I will have a teenager.  It's so hard for me to fathom.  It's such a cliche, but it seems like just yesterday, he was a baby and I was wondering how I was going to manage this whole parenting thing.  Because of my postpartum, I didn't really enjoy those first few weeks.  I was so excited to go back to work so that I would feel that I was "me" again.  Little did I know, you're never "me" again after your first child is born.  You become a new, better version of yourself.  You'll never be completely carefree again.  It's really like the saying goes, from the moment you have a child, it's like you're walking around with your heart outside of your body.  I love this boy more than I can put into words.  He makes me so proud everyday - from the way he helps without me asking to being sensitive to everyone's feelings around him.  Last year, in 6th grade, he was awarded MGMS Best All-Around Boy.  I couldn't agree more!

At 12, Landon:
-is 59.75" tall (61%) - he was so upset because he's dying to be 5' tall!
-weighs 87.6 lb (44%)
-wears mens' size in shoes now - size 6.5
-still wears youth size clothes - size youth large
-loves the colors black and red
-is getting ready to start 7th grade
-still loves baseball
-plays baseball (travel & rec), basketball, and will be trying out for the middle school football team
-wants to be an engineer when he grows up
-has acquired a love for coffee
-went on his first 'away from home' camp with church - and loved it!
-loves math
-will ride all over our side of town on his bike with friends
-has the biggest smile 

Landon, you make me so proud to be your mom!  I love you more than words and I can't wait to see you grow up.  I just wish you wouldn't do it so fast!

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