Monday, November 18, 2013

Hattie - 7 Months!

Little Hattie is 7 months old!  Time is flying by.  I feel like she was just born.  I think she'll always be a little baby to me because she IS my baby.  She's still sweet as sugar and by far, our best baby yet!  I guess it's good that we're ending on a good note!

At 7 Months, Hattie:
-wears size 3 diapers
-wears 9-12 month clothes depending on the style
-sleeps around 10 hours a night and takes 2-3 cat naps at school everyday.  She hasn't gotten the whole napping at school thing down pat yet!
-can finally sit up independently
-still has no teeth
-eats four 8 oz bottles everyday
-eats baby cereal for breakfast, a fruit and veggie for lunch and a fruit and veggie for supper (Stage 2)
-loves to watch her brothers and sister
-is ticklish everywhere, but especially under her chin
-says Dada
-loves to snuggle under my chin, giving lots of hugs when I pick her up from school.  She absolutely hates to be kissed on the mouth though.  She'll turn her head every time!
-loves to sleep on her side when we lay her down at night.  She automatically moves to that position
-is the loudest one in her class.  She yells all day.  Nothing's wrong, she just babbles extremely loud.  I think it's from all the loud chaos she's used to at home!

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