Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Landon's 4-Year Well Check

Landon went yesterday for his four year well check. He was such a brave boy, even though he still holds his moma's hand the whole time. He passed his eye test at about 20/25, but they said that was still good because kids that age tend to get bored taking the test and start not paying attention, which even I could tell was happening with Landon. He passed the hearing test with flying colors. The nurse couldn't believe how well he did. She said it normally takes kids his age around 30 minutes to pay attention to the test enough to pass and it took Landon around 2 minutes. My little boy's so smart! Last year they did a urine analysis and finger prick to check his blood, so fortunately we didn't have to do that this year. He weighs 36 lbs. even and is 38" tall. According to Mr. Chris, our P.A., this puts him around the 50th percentile for weight, but surprisingly to me, only 25th percentile for his height. Mr. Chris said that his BMI is 85%!! But if you've ever seen him without his shirt on, you can tell the boy doesn't have a lick of fat on him. You can count his ribs! But Mr. Chris said he just needed to have a growth spurt to grow into those muscles that he has. He said he was just built a solid little boy, but not overweight at all. After Mr. Chris left, the nurse came back in and gave him his four kindergarten shots...Measles/Mumps, Chicken Pox, Polio, and Tetanus vaccine. He was so brave and just cried a little bit. But let me tell you, he milked that sucker all day long. He would keep showing up his leg and say it needed to be kissed. What a sweet little boy. I was proud of my little boy, but I sure am glad we have another year before kindergarten, because just getting the shots yesterday broke my heart!

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