Friday, July 1, 2011

Couch to 5k

On May 23, I started the Couch to 5k Program.  For those that are not sure what this is, you can find all the information on it Here.  I also downloaded the couch to 5k app on my Ipod which allows me to listen to my own playlist and the voice just comes over the music to tell me when it's time to run/walk.

My original reason for starting the program is because I want to lose around 30 lbs and I figure that I've never seen a really obese runner.  Running is hard work, so I'm bound to lose weight, right?  Well, I can say that with 6 weeks completed, I've yet to lose any weight.  I've actually gained 3 lbs since I started.  But, in all honesty, I haven't changed my eating habits at all.  I'm trying to get an exercise routine under my belt before I go for my diet!

Starting the first week, I was already ready to quit.  My biggest motivation has been that it's only 30 minutes for 3 days a week.  And, as a mother and wife, if I can't give myself that much time, I have a pretty sad life.  We all need our "me time", right?  Anyway, week two was even worse and I didn't feel I was ready to move on, so I did that week twice.  Moving on, week four, I was at the beach on vacation and for the first time, I actually worked out on vacation!  I must say that I'm completely hooked and this is probably the most dedicated I've ever been to an exercise program.

My first goal is to run in our Selma Railroad Run (5k) the first weekend in October.  Once I've mastered a few 5k's, I'd like to train for a 10k and my final goal will be to run a half marathon!  I want to be one of those moms with a "13.1 Mom" sticker on the back of my vehicle! :) The only thing I would suggest to anyone who is looking to start a running program is to get some good running shoes.  I've yet to get a pair and my legs are paying the price!  I plan on buying some within the next few weeks so maybe I won't be in so much pain.

To all those out there who are scared to get off the couch, if I can do it, anyone can!

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Lisa said...

i started the same program and can now run a mile!! i know its not THAT big of a deal...but it was for me!! anyway, i did not lose ANY weight when i started. After i realized that i wasn't losing weight, I changed my eating habits and FINALLy started losing weight! keep up the good weight is awful ugh!! but worth it :-)