Friday, February 21, 2014


When you become a parent, there are all types of things you start to worry about..things you never even thought about before you had kids.  One of those things for me has been the way we seem to move around.  I tell Chris all the time, we move more than a military family does.  Even though we joke about it, we never make a move without praying about it, talking about it, and considering all the pros/cons for weeks, months, and sometimes even years on end.  Still, with all the thought that we put into it, I still worry that my kids will be sad one day that they moved around so much or that they didn't stay in the same house forever.  I justify it by telling myself that I didn't live in the same house forever either, and I'm perfectly fine and well adjusted.  But still, that nagging thought is there.  Then, something happens to let you know that you're doing okay.  Since we've moved, we've obviously got to find a new church which is always stressful for me, especially with kids.  So, Wednesday night, we take the boys to AWANAS at the church we've been visiting and Landon and Nixon, without hesitation, walk into a room full of kids that they don't know.  They were perfectly comfortable in a room full of strangers.  Nixon even came home telling me that he made a new friend. I know that not all kids could handle that type of situation.  And it's times like these that God tells me, "you're doing okay with this whole parenting thing and not to worry so much."  My children might not be able to say that they've grown up in one house and that they grew up with family right around the corner, but they will be able to grow up confident and strong in themselves and that makes this momma proud!

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