Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, Monday...

To tell you how my day has been, I have to go back to the beginning of last week.  I decided, let's go on a diet.

Mistake #1.

Anyway, I drank over 80 oz of water 5 days last week, stayed under my calories all but one day (only 100 over that day), had a healthy diet shake 5 of those mornings instead of breakfast, went 3 days without any soft drinks at all.  Good, huh?

Fast forward to this morning.  Get on the scale and I'm up 0.2 lb!  What in the world?!  Moments like these make you go crazy.  Fast forward about an hour.  I'm getting Hattie dressed, changing her diaper, etc.  She had pooped so I reach for the wipes and in that 2 seconds, she rips the diaper off, poop slinging on the floor and everywhere else.  Lily looks at her and says, "Pattie, you don't poop in your pants and on the floor.  You poop in the potty.  That's disgusting."

Moral of this story..if your Monday starts out with you gaining weight after a week of big time dieting, you should probably just go back to bed to avoid the poop that is sure to follow you..

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