Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I Learned in 2011

January - It's amazing how much you can love a little baby.  You don't think that you could love someone so tiny so much, but it's amazing how your heart grows every time you have a child.

February - We can survive anything if we're doing it together..we all had the flu, trying to keep all the germs away from a baby is no easy task!  We did make it through our flu/cold fog and we've all been much better since then!

March - Good friends are hard to find, but when you do, you'll know that you've found them.  We've made some really good friends since we moved to Johnston County, along with ones that we've had all along,  and I couldn't ask for a better support group whenever I need them.  I hope that they know I'm always just a phone call away.

April - Your life can change in an instant..Luckily, with Nixon, we just had a scare. But, there are families that deal with cancer everyday and I can't imagine how it must feel to know that there's nothing you can do to take away that pain from your baby.

May - There's no one more perfect for me than Chris.  We celebrated 8 years this month, 12 years total between dating and marriage and I love him more and more everyday.  He's such a good husband and father to our kids.  He works harder than any person I know so that we can have the things we want and need.  I couldn't ask for a better husband or daddy to our kids.

June - I could never be more proud of my little boy. We had Landon's Awards Day at school and I was one proud momma when I saw my little boy get so many awards.  I know it was only kindergarten, but it's amazing how much you can love one little person. 

July - The beach is much more fun when your kids get to the age where they can play independently.  Our boys are at the age where if you have toys to play with, they're pretty much good to go.  I had forgotten how much work it is to have a baby on the beach!  Luckily, she's a beach bum and mostly slept, but I was stressing the whole time if she would burn, etc. 

August - Sometimes you have to let things go..I just knew I was going to be running marathons after starting my running program, but my body had other plans.  I had to stop running all together.  I took a break, but I'm starting back after the New Year.

September - Thirty isn't so bad..I thought I would have a really hard time with my birthday, but I ended up embracing it and it wasn't so bad..although I will say that I feel like I'm falling apart since I've turned 30!

October - Missing Trick-or-Treating can be a tragedy when you're little.  This year it was pouring, but I couldn't stand the looks on my little boys faces, so off we went.  It's amazing how many kids were out in the pouring rain!  I guess other parents had that guilt too!  The boys had the best time and came home soaking wet!

November - Family traditions are so much fun!  It's crazy that even at a young age, my boys know there are just some things we're going to be doing when the Holidays come around.  I hope that they continue to enjoy it for a few years before they get to the ages where they think everything I want to do is boring! 

December - A year flies by when you have kids..I can't believe my Lily Goose is a year old already!  Also, it's never too late to get a plan together to pay off debt.  Chris & I finally reached that plan together and if all goes according to plan, we'll be debt free (including the house) in ten years!  We paid three items off in the month of December and I couldn't be more excited!

Here's to a Fabulous 2012!!

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Jenna said...

Hoping we can make some fun memories together this year...excited for 2012!! Glad that we found you guys.