Monday, December 12, 2011

Growing Up

It's hard for me to believe that Landon is six years old already.  I'm starting to really notice differences that scream to me he's not my little baby anymore.  For instance, most nights when I tuck him in, he kisses me on the cheek instead of right in the smacker like he used to.  When I drop him off at school, he just runs along and doesn't even tell me goodbye.  When we go places (birthday parties, school functions, etc), he doesn't cling to my side anymore..he's off having fun on his own.  And the biggest thing is when I look at those baby pictures and realize that cute, pudgy baby face

is gone.  Instead I'm looking at a handsome young boy.  In one sense, I'd love to have him as my little baby forever..and then on the other hand, I'm ready for him to grow up and see what he becomes.  Chris & I talk about our kids all the time and what we think they will end up doing in their lives.  We pretty much agree that Landon will do something that involves a lot of attention to detail.  He's so OCD about EVERYTHING that we think he'll be an engineer, a surgeon, or maybe even a lawyer with his desire to argue with a wall!  Even though it is sad to see your baby grow up, it's also so fulfilling to know that you've given him the tools to feel confident and go out into the world and make something of himself.  And in the end, he told me that he would always be my baby (even when he's 100), so I'm okay with that!

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