Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's My Name Again?

I love having nicknames for people..maybe because I've had so many myself.  I was always my moma's Sunshine, my grandma's Tootle and my grandpa's Ertle May.  I asked Nixon today what his middle name which he replied "Butterbean!"  That little boy kills me sometimes..He's always been my Butterbean since he was born and Chris' Tubby.  He's just one of those kids who nicknames stick with.  Chris, since Day 1 of us dating has been my Pooky, much to his displeasure I'm sure!  Lily has many nicknames also (even though she's only 5 weeks old!) like Chunk, Bunny, and my favorite (which seems to stick with me the most) Pudding.  Don't ask why, because I'm not really sure!  Chris calls her Turtle because of how she loves to stretch and turn her neck at the same time when she's sleeping.  But Landon, my first born, still doesn't have a nickname.  For some reason this really bothers me, but I just can't make one fit for him.  He started out as Boo Boo, which didn't last long.  The only other one I've ever called him is Babycakes, but that's not something he's really going to like when he's a teenager!  Why this bothers me, I'm not sure, but I have to find a nickname for him...any suggestions??


Becky said...

He he always been my LAND-LINE. I think it is because I can only talk to Tiny through prayer

Becky said...