Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Goals for 2011

I'm choosing not to call them "New Year's Resolutions" on purpose.  Seems if you call them that, they automatically don't happen!  So, I have 3 goals for this year.

1. Lose 30 lbs.  I know this sounds like a lot.  But, if I lose 30 lbs, I'll be back at my college weight, the weight I was when I got married, the weight I still was when I found out I was pregnant with Landon, the weight I got back to 2 weeks after having Landon and the weight I haven't been since that 2 week period after Landon was born!  This has been a goal of mine for a while.  I've gotten about halfway there and then I lose my motivation and gain it all back.  This time, Chris and I are trying to "get healthy" together, so I'm hoping this is something that I can achieve in 2011!

2.  Pay off $6000 in debt.  Why this amount?  Well, I certainly have more than that in debt, but goals are supposed to be something that you feel you can achieve and with tax refunds, Chris's salary from the community college, and just plain sticking to a budget, I feel that $6000 is a very attainable goal.

3.  Read my Bible/do a Bible study at least 3 times a week.  I know, I know, I should do this everyday but with three small kids, a full-time job, and a husband with 3 jobs, it's hard to always find the quiet time in our house.  Right before Lily was born, I was doing this every morning before the kids got up, so I hope to start this again once she's on a more normal sleeping schedule.  I got a new Chronological Bible for Christmas and I can't wait to dive into my Bible study again!

So, those are my 3 goals for 2011.  I'm hoping by putting them out there for anyone to see that I feel the pressure to actually do something about them, instead of just letting them go a few months into the year.

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