Sunday, February 28, 2010

Everything You Wanted to Know...About Nixon....

Well, I couldn't do a post about Landon without doing a post about my baby boy, Nixon.  I found out I was pregnant with Nixon on January 10, 2007.  I hid the pregnancy test in Landon's pajama drawer so that Chris would see it after Landon's bath.  Well, that backfired!  Chris went right around it and kept on trucking.  When I asked him if he saw anything in that drawer, he said, "Yea, what's a thermometer doing in there?"  The second pregnancy was definitely different from the first.  I thought that meant that this time I was having my little girl I've dreamed of, but Nixon was just proving to me that he's 100% different from Landon! 

We decided on Addison Grace for a little girl name and the boy name was proving to be harder to come up with.  I absolutely loved the name Lincoln, but Chris wasn't going for it.  Chris loved the name Trot Nixon, after his favorite former Red Sox player.  I couldn't imagine naming my little boy Trot, so we were at a standstill.  Finally, around month 7 of my pregnancy, it clicked. I told Chris that I would agree to name our little boy Nixon if he would let me have my middle name of Asher, which was a name I found during a Bible study while I was in college. 

I only gained like 20 lbs. with Nixon, but I felt as huge as I had ever been!  My due date was set for September 19, 2007 and I was glad because for some reason, I just didn't want an August baby. August 31, 2007 was my half day at work.  It was a Friday and I remember being in so much pain that day.  I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a month, so it wasn't a big deal, but these were "stop you in your tracks" kind of contractions, so I stayed a little late at work finishing up some things and told the girls at work when I was leaving that I really didn't think I'd be back on Tuesday.  When I got home, they just seemed like they got worse, and I told Chris, I really don't want an August baby!  Crazy, that was what was on my mind!  We decided to go to the mall to pick up some final things and to try to walk it off if it was Braxton Hicks.  They didn't seem to be going away, so we called Chris' parents to meet us to pick up Landon in case I had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night.

Later that night, things seemed to calm down and I was feeling crazy for sending Landon off when obviously nothing was happening.  The next morning, Chris & I woke up and cleaned the house.  No pain.  We went shopping at the Outlets.  A little pain.  So, we decided to walk a loop around the outlets (parking lot and everything).  A little more pain.  Then we went to Mucho Mexico to eat lunch.  Maybe we should call the doctor.  Wal-mart to walk around.  Okay, definitely time to go home and call the doctor.  The doctor wanted me to come in and get checked.  The nurse told me, "No, nothing's happening right now."  The doctor came to check and said, "Yep, definitely in labor."  Me..."I'm agreeing with the doctor."  The nurse continued to argue with the doctor, in front of Chris and me, that she didn't think I was in labor.  The doctor then put the nurse in her place about who attended medical school.  Quite comical if you're standing in my place!

We arrived at 3:30 pm, I was admitted at 4:15 pm and Nixon arrived at 10:02 pm on September 1, 2007 weighing 8 lbs, 7 oz and 21" long!  Good thing he came 3 weeks early! 

I didn't get the "baby blues" as bad with Nixon as I did with Landon.  I was just very overwhelmed having two children to care for!  It was very different, making sure both boys  needs were taken care of.  Around one month of age, Nixon developed colic.  He would start crying around 7 or 8 at night and would cry until around 10 or 11 when he gave out.  It was pitiful.  We would get in the car and ride him around until he fell asleep.  Then, magically, around 3 months, it just went away. 

From Day 1, he's been the boss of the house.  He knows what he wants and when he wants it.  But then, the next minute, he'll look at you and bat those little eyelashes at you and you forget everything!  He loves to cuddle, even to this day.  He's definitely not scared of anything, and that scares me! He never meets a stranger and his independence is unreal, even at this age.  He wants to do everything that Landon does and looks up to his big brother. 

Despite his small (and by small, I mean short) size, he's not scared of older kids and always takes up for himself and Landon!  I love my little boy and I know one day, he's going to do great things!  Here's a list of favorites:

Food:  Pudding
Color:  Green
Number:  7
Sleeping Toy: His "Baby" when he was younger, but we had to retire that, so now it's Mr. Elephante

Cartoon:  Backyardigans
Loves to: Dance..especially when he goes to the potty
Most used saying:  "I sorry..I not meant it" and "Hold you me"
Girlfriend:  Kylee

Wants to be:  Spiderman
Sport:  Football

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