Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. It snowed this past weekend.  It was my favorite kind, pretty, fluffy and fun to play with, but gone the next day.
  2. Nixon slammed his finger in the door at school yesterday.  When I asked him what happened, he said, "Kylee close it in the door."  When we saw her mom in the hallway, he proceeded to tell her that Kylee did it.  But then they kissed and made up...literally.
  3. When I showed up at school, I asked Nixon (after I kissed his finger), "Does it feel better now that mommy's here and I kissed it?" to which he replied, "No".  Oh well..at least he's honest!
  4. Landon went to the dentist for the second time last Thursday.  He did much better this time.  They actually did the whole cleaning without him crying..well, until they did the suction!  But once they let him just swish and spit, he was fine.
  5. Nixon goes for his first visit to the dentist with me and Landon in August.  That should be interesting!
  6. I laid my wedding rings down on the floor on Sunday night when I was putting Nixon's pj's and lotion on.  I completely forgot about them until Monday night when I went to do the same thing.  Unfortunately, when I saw them on the floor, there was only one.  Apparently, Ellie has eaten my engagement ring, but she left the wedding band.
  7. When Chris was walking to his car this morning, he saw something shiny on the ground.  Thinking it was my wedding ring, he checked it out.  Apparently, Ellie likes all my jewelry.  He found an earring that I didn't even know was missing!
  8. For Valentine's Day, Chris and the boys made me homeade V-Day cards and Chris bought me a gift certificate for a hot stone massage.  I can't wait to redeem that one!
  9. Landon asked me tonight when we were going to have another baby.  This is the first time he's mentioned it in a few months.  He did not like the fact that it takes at least 9 months to get one.  He wanted one in two days!
  10. I've found a few more shows that I just have to DVR every week.  "My Name is Earl" and "Cougartown".  They are both hilarious!


The Granings said...

oh no! i hope you find your engagement ring! that is so sad...

Tiff said...

check ellies poop!!!!!! you just gotta find it!
tell chris he can buy me a hot stone massage too!!!!!!!!!