Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update on Nixon's Ears

I took Nixon back for his ear infection re-check yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, his ears are even worse than they were two weeks ago.  She subscribed us a stronger antibiotic and sent us out the door with a referral to an ENT in Raleigh.  If you remember, he had like 6 - 8 bad ear infections last year and when he got diagnosed with his last one, they warned us if he had another, he would be sent to an ENT.  Luckily, for us, Nixon heeded that advice and they magically went away.  But this year, before the Fall season had even started, he had his first ear infection.  I knew when she prescribed Amoxicillin, it wouldn't work, but I listened to the doctor instead of my mother's intuition.  Even though I told the doctor yesterday that Amoxicillin never works with either of my kids, she said he still needed to see an ENT and get this taken care of early on.  If it had been the end of cold/flu season, she said she'd have let it slide, but it's not even the beginning.  We go see the ENT on Friday and we'll see what they say.  I want to make it clear that tubes are the last option for me, so if there's anything else they can do before that, we're all ears.  Pray for my little Butterbean that everything works out and he doesn't have to have any surgery, but that if it does come to that, the surgery is successful and takes away all his ear problems he's consistently had.


Meredith said...

Oh, poor little Butterbean!! We'll definitely be praying!

Tiff said...

keep me posted!!!!!!!!!! poor nicnic!!!