Friday, September 25, 2009

Learning From My Boys

I thought it would be funny to let ya'll know some things that my boys have taught me this past week:
  • Airplanes land on the "Airporch" or the football field.
  • The moon was crescent-shaped last night.
  • The big water tower has water in it that comes from the beach.
  • The Fair makes Landon "so happy."
  • Nixon "wuvs Mitdonalds."
  • When I told Landon that Ellie was probably "about to die" because she had been kenneled up all day and hadn't been outside to use the bathroom, he got all concerned and said, "But I don't want her to die."  After explaining a little better, he informed me that "Jesus died on the cross, but he's not there anymore because he's in Heaven and that's 'super cool'."
  • Nixon doesn't like his new antibiotic because it's "too cold."
  • Landon is ready to go to kindergarten next year because he gets to play in a gym like Daddy's and take a lunchbox.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Love it! When we were in the OBX this wooden bracelet with pictures of different religious "icons" washed up and Caedmon found it. He kept telling us how Jesus sent him this bracelet because Jesus loves him and wants him to be happy.

Okay kid! I've got nothing to say to that!