Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday - Nixon Edition

  1. We had Nixon's 2nd Birthday party this past weekend. The weather was perfect, despite all the reports earlier in the week.

  2. I was scared he wasn't going to have a party - Landon got a stomach bug on Friday night, but luckily, he recovered quickly.

  3. My Grandparent's 40th Anniversary Party/Vows Renewal was on Saturday night. There was a DJ and Nixon danced his little heart out for a good two hours.

  4. When Chris was finished putting Nixon's birthday present together, a four-wheeler, Nixon looked at Chris and said, "Tank you Daddy." He can be so sweet when he wants to be!

  5. Nixon is fascinated with cars, tractors, and trucks. Landon has never really wanted anything other than a ball, so this is a nice change.

  6. For some reason, Nixon will call Chris by his name, but never calls me by anything other than Mommy.

  7. Saturday night, the DJ played a beach music song, so there was an older couple shagging. Nixon was doing some breakdancing moves on the dance floor and the older lady stepped on Nixon's hand. He looked up at her like, "How could you step on my hand?" It was priceless!

  8. Nixon gets so excited when he sees me and Chris for the first time after being at daycare all day. As soon as he sees you, he yells really loud and comes running.

  9. Nixon has absolutely no interest in using the potty. I guess he'll come around eventually, right?

  10. When we walked into the Barbershop on Friday, Nixon said, "Hey Richie!" He loves to go get his hair cut by Mr. Richie...huge change from Landon!

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