Friday, September 25, 2009

Update on Nixon

We took Nixon for his first exam today at Capitol ENT.  First of all, I'm still amazed by the quality of doctors you can get around Raleigh.  I haven't found a bad one yet, and I've yet to spend more than 45 minutes in any given doctor's office for the past three years!  That's amazing considering we spent many whole afternoons at Lumberton Children's Clinic.  Anyway, back to the news.  We saw Dr. Brown, who mainly works with children.  He thinks that Nixon needs to get tubes because of his history last year.  He feels that tubes will provide Nixon with the relief he needs this winter and that by next winter, he should be old enough that he's growing out of it.  The good news is you no longer have to worry with ear plugs in the water, etc.  He said it's pretty much a maintenance-free procedure.  After it's done, nothing special has to be done for the child.  They just kind of move on like nothing's even happened.  They also performed a hearing test on Nixon today to compare with the results after he has the tubes put in.  The lady who did the hearing test said he seems to have no hearing loss, but his eardrum wasn't responding like it should due to the fluid that's still there from his last infection.  As it stands, they have to bill our insurance first to see how much the insurance company will pay and then they'll call us and schedule a pre-op, along with the surgery.  I'll keep everyone informed as I know more. 

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Meredith said...

I think that sounds like a great plan! Insurance crap is so stupid though! Good luck! :)