Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

I haven't done this in a while..and since I'm close to perfect, this might be hard..yeah right!

I absolutely did not start out my week claiming this was the week to start my diet, only to last a pitiful two hours at work..nope, I'm not weak-willed at all when it comes to dieting.

While we're on that subject, I also did not go to "the workout" as Landon calls it, get on the eliptical for 2 minutes before it kicked my butt and I got off and opted for a treadmill instead. Nope! My motto is "no pain, no gain" so that couldn't have been me!

After working out on my half day, I didn't go lounge by the pool with my book without my kids. I know they would absolutely love the pool, so there's no way I went and spent a whole afternoon with just me and my book. Nope, not me.

And while at the pool, I didn't put my book down because the feud between the 3 high school girls and the 2 high school girls across the pool was more entertaining than my book. I didn't secretly listen to their conversations the whole 3 hours wondering if I ever sounded as stupid as they did while I was in high school. To be sure, I NEVER fought over a boy like that! Nope, not me!

I also did not spend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the pool without any sunscreen. That would be completely irresponsible and I don't secretly love my great tan I've got going this summer. First time being a member of a pool and I don't really wish I could go everyday. I don't think that sometimes it would be great to be a teacher, so I could spend all summer there!

And last but not least, I didn't ask one of my friends how to get ice out of her snazzy refrigerator. She would never tell me that I have to talk to it, in which I (almost) said, "I need ice." Nope, not me!


Emma said...

Came over from MckMama---loved your post!! :) I always say this is the week to start my diet and get my pre-baby body back, but it never happens! There's always next week, right!? :) Enjoy your time by the pool!

Booklover1212 said...

Hi there! Hopping over to visit from MckMama's Not Me Monday post! Enjoyed reading your blog! Had to laugh about the elliptical! I've done the same exact thing! Nice to know I'm not the only one! LOL! Have a great week!

~ Jennifer

Amanda said...

Hey- I'm having an issue w/ the Aqua Poppy background as you can see. Hopefully a fresh mind will allow me to problem solve this tomorrow. I hope you don't mind the work in progress look.