Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Today is June 30! What this means for me is I get to spend about 13 hours here at work..closing down the year...but it also means I've survived another budget year!
  2. The daycare asked me yesterday if I minded Nixon being moved to the 2 year old room. I don't have any babies anymore!
  3. I've just about got everything for Landon's party already, except the cake. Usually I get it all the day before.
  4. Nixon's got a new expression that he loves to use. He'll find something that he finds amusing or interesting and he'll say, "Look at..Mommy..Look at!" It's completely adorable!
  5. Nixon is trying to swim in the pool. I guess he sees Landon. He doesn't want to wear his vest. He'll just go completely under the water and kick his feet. He doesn't go anywhere, but it's impressive anyway. He just sinks and smiles the whole way down. Gotta watch that one!
  6. Landon is doing really well at school. His teachers always talk about how he talks to them all day long and helps whenever they're cleaning up. He's such a sweet boy.
  7. Financial Peace University starts tomorrow! Super excited about it!!
  8. I've been thinking seriously about taking the CPA exam lately. I think I'll start preparing for it in the next month or so.
  9. Landon informed me this week that we need a baby sister and a puppy..both tall orders!
  10. I finally watched "Juno" this past weekend. It's a really funny movie if you like that dry sort of humor.

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Amanda said...

Good luck at FPU and Caedmon has asked me atleast 5 times in the last week when we were going to have another baby. Strangest thing! But he wants a cat, we already have the dog. :)