Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nixon's 1st Girlfriend

Well, it's no suprise to anyone who has ever asked Nixon, "Who do you love" that the answer is ALWAYS Kylee. Kylee, the most adorable little girl in his class, has stolen my baby boy's heart. The feeling is definitely mutual. I know this because her mom told me she walks around at home talking to "Nic-Nic" on her play phone. Anyway, we usually arrive at daycare before she does. Well, yesterday, I guess we were running a tad late and Nixon saw her vehicle in the parking lot. When we were getting out of the car, he said, "Kylee?" I told him yes that was Kylee's car. Well, when I opened the front door to daycare, he was gone. He was running (in true Nixon fashion with one arm going) down the hall yelling, "Kylee! Kylee!". When I opened the door to his room, Ms. Lisa, one of his teachers said, "I heard you calling for Kylee all the way down the hall." He went running towards Kylee and tried to get some love and hug on her. I guess Kylee is not a morning person b/c she turned her back on him. He then walked away like a love sick puppy rubbing his head, truly confused. I guess my baby boy is learning early that women can be confusing creatures!


Meredith said...

So adorable!

Tiff said...

HAHAHAHA! God Bless his little sweet heart! Hey.... at least he is learning early! Hope she hugged him after she "woke up!" TOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!