Monday, June 29, 2009

Life Lessons Learned Early

When I bought my latest devotional book, I bought Landon and Nixon a book titled '365 Short Bedtime Bible Stories' or something to that effect. You see, Chris or I used to read to Landon every night from the time I was pregnant with him up until after Nixon was born. Poor Nixon, being a second child and all, has gotten the shaft, and all those night time stories have gone by the wayside. Anyway, back to present day, we've started reading a story every night after bath out of the new book. It's a great book, one page stories. It even has questions to ask to make sure they're paying attention. We're just starting it and the stories have been about creation, etc. Well, yesterday, we read the story about Adam and Eve being tempted by the serpent to eat off of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. To my surprise, tonight when Chris asked Landon if he remembered last night's story, he did. So tonight, the story was about God's punishment for Adam, Eve, and the Serpent for disobeying. Out of nowhere, Landon looks up at Chris, completely serious and asks, "Why womens gotta be so meaner?" Geez, looks like somebody has been teaching my baby boy early!

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