Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

Almost didn't make this one, but here we go...
  1. Today has been a busy day. The auditors were with us today, which makes it feel like I have two full-time jobs. They'll be there tomorrow also. I don't know that I've ever had them there two days in a row. It usually takes me a week to recover from one visit!
  2. We put the other part of the bunk beds together tonight. Landon will be sleeping on the top bunk for the first time tonight. Nixon won't be on the bottom until tomorrow night because the mattress place was closed by the time we got there. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow of Landon in the top bunk. He's very excited!
  3. Please take a moment to pray for Baby Stellan. Under "Blogs I follow" on my page, you can go over to McMama's Blog. Stellan is her precious baby boy who is having some major heart issues. Her family's unending faith during this difficult time amazes me.
  4. Chris & I went on our first grocery trip last week on our new zero-based budget. Basically, this means we had a certain amount of money set aside, in cash, to get groceries. We went in with our list and calculator and surprisingly, we got a lot for a little. It's amazing what you can do when you actually pay attention to the prices and don't just go grabbing everything you can find.
  5. I'm so ready for the season premieres to come out for my shows. I know that makes me a dork, but I miss them!
  6. We're watching the Season Finale of Deadliest Catch tonight. The people on those boats have to be crazy!
  7. Chris was gone to a softball tournament on Saturday, so while he was gone, I found a "Little House on the Prairie" marathon on the Hallmark channel. Six hours of nothing but that show. It was wonderful!
  8. Our Financial Peace University class, which consists of about 12 couples, has over $520,000 in debt (not including houses)!! I'll let you know how much the class pays off in the 13 weeks we're in the class.
  9. Chris & I saw the new Harry Potter movie two weekends ago. It was a great movie to me. Chris said the book was better. I guess it depends on whether you've read the book or not.
  10. This one was harder than usual. Guess I've been pretty boring this week:)

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Tiff said...

Loved this one... makes me feel like we just talked... speaking of which.. I MISS YOU! Where were you sunday night? OK... l.h.o.t.p is a classic, i LOVE that show! Awesome about grocery shopping! What are you doing with Nixons room? Is it the new play room if the boys are sharing??? OK.. maybe I just need to call you... haha... this is long! LOVE YOU!