Friday, February 20, 2009

No Tubes Needed...yet

Yesterday, I took Nixon back for his two week check up on his ears. This was a scary appointment for me since the doctor informed us we couldn't have another ear infection without going to the ENT. Anyway, luckily, the ear infection was completely gone, but the doctor says there is still alot of fluid in his ears. She told me it's pretty normal to have that fluid up to 3 weeks after an infection. The bad thing about that is, given his history, if he gets another cold, he'll more than likely get an ear infection. She told me not to wait like I normally would to bring him if he gets sick because he's so prone to get them. Anyway, in the mean time, we're celebrating our small victory (yea!), but scared to death to get around anybody with even a sniffle. Pray with us that we can make it the rest of winter without getting sick. We certainly don't want to have our baby put to sleep to get the tubes and I definitely don't want to fight him with the ear plugs until they fall out. Come on summertime!!

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