Monday, March 2, 2009

Chunky Monkey

I took Nixon to the doctor today for his 18 month well check. Everything is going well and for the first time since he's been born, he's out of the 10th percentile! Woo hoo! Landon was always in the 80th and 90th, so it was a big surprise when Nixon started showing up in the 10th. Anyway, I mentioned to Mr. Chris (our great PA that Nixon loves) that he had been having problems with ear infections so I wanted him to check out his ears really good. Luckily, no fluid or infection (Yea!), but he casually mentioned that he had noticed the visits and that was probably why he didn't get his shots at his 15 month well check. (Silence) I said, "Is there a 15 month check up?" He just looked at me like I was crazy and told me there was. I told him the ear infections were not the cause of that..just his moma not scheduling the appointment. I honestly do not remember a 15 month checkup with Landon and told him as much..from what I's 12...then 18 months..then you don't go back until 2 years old..oh harm done..we got the two shots today. I also mentioned in passing about Nixon being so chubby. He took up for him and said, "Come on..he's average..he's not chunky..he's in the 45 percentile for his weight..(flipping pages)...Oh...he's only in the 20th in yeah, he may appear a little chunkier than most." Oh, my chunky monkey..gets his physique straight from his moma!

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Amanda said...

Our Pediatrician's office doesn't do 15 month check ups...maybe you aren't crazy. It could be a new policy???