Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Don't Say That!

Well, if I didn't think I had any "boy" moments so far, I've definitely had one as of this afternoon. When I picked the boys up from school and had them both settled in their carseats, we headed home. Landon proceeded to inform me that "B.T. got in trouble today, he said PeePeeHead." He then went on and on about how, "We get in trouble if we say peepeehead; we don't say peepeehead; it's ugly to say peepeehead (etc, etc, you get the point)." It was like it felt so good to him to be able to say it without worrying about getting in trouble. It's okay to say ugly words if you're just saying that someone else said it, right? What a funny little boy. I have a feeling that I'll be consumed with "boy" moments from here on out!
**The boy in the picture with Landon is definitely not the boy in Landon's story**

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Amanda said...

OMG are you a fly on the wall at our house? We have that exact conversation right down to the term "peepeehead". We even use the term "ugly" and "we don't say that word"!

Except my kid is the one calling someone else a peepeehead! :)