Monday, December 15, 2008

Tis' the Season

Whoo..what a weekend! Nixon hasn't been feeling well lately. The doctor told me that around this age, especially during this time of the year, kids tend to stay sick. But on Thursday, he just didn't sound right to me. So, I decided to take him back to the doctor on Friday morning (they probably know me by name now!). But that momma's intuition was right...RSV...again! Luckily, I think we caught it before it got too bad, because we're already done with our breathing treatments. Now, we're only left with a runny nose. As for Landon, he seems to have picked up a stomach bug that's going around. But luckily, it's only affected his appetite. He's just extremely picky about what he wants to eat. Other than that, he acts just fine.

On a positive note, the boys and I attended two very important graduations this weekend. Chris graduated on Friday with his Masters in Health Education & Promotion. One thing checked off his list! He has worked very hard, keeping his full time job, along with 3 other part time jobs throughout the year on top of his grad school work. The boys and I are very proud of all he has accomplished. I only took a couple of pictures, but there's a cute one of him and the boys. The second one is where Landon wanted to wear his daddy's hat. He thought it was cool I guess. You'll have to ignore him grabbing his private area. He seems to have a fascination with that lately!

The second graduation we attended was my mom's graduation on Saturday. She has worked really hard to receive her Education degree in High School History...I know, she's crazy! We're all very proud of her and we knew she could do it, even when she thought she couldn't. I know that both of them are very excited to be done with school and I couldn't be more proud of either of them.

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