Monday, December 15, 2008


I think that Nixon has found a new favorite food...not that there's any that he doesn't like. But, tonight, he had Chocolate Oreos for the first time. After one bite, he was hooked. He even tore the cookies apart and licked all the icing before he ate the oreo part. He would pause every few seconds and say Mmm..It was the cutest thing and I tried to get pictures.

On another note, Nixon and Landon both got stuffed elephants Easter weekend last year. Landon's always been attached to his when he goes to bed, but Nixon has started wrapping his arms around his elephant also. Landon was talking about his "Baby Elephant" tonight and I told him that Nixon's elephant was "Mr. Elephante". He said, no, it's an elephant. I had to explain that yes, it is an elephant, but his name is Mr. Elephante. Then, just as pretty as you please, he said, "Well, mine is Baby Elephant, but his name is Lion D." Kids say the darndest things, huh? As they say in Johnston County, God Bless 'Em.

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