Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Last night, as Chris and I were finishing up the boys baths, the phone rang. I went to answer it and who did I hear but Mrs. Claus with a call for a very special boy named Landon! Talk about excited! I called Landon and told him that Santa Claus wanted to talk to him on the phone. After getting over a bought of nervousness, he was all ears! Santa told him that he knew he had been a good boy and that he was going to bring him things like drums, guitar, and dinosaurs for Christmas. He also told Landon that he knew he had a baby brother named Nixon who was going to get some toys too! Santa informed Landon that he liked for kids to leave him cookies and milk in exchange for the presents. Well, after they hung up, you can imagine how excited Landon was. He hurriedly ran to Nixon's room to tell him, "Nic-Nix, Santa called and he said to tell you that he's bringing you baby toys!" I'm so glad we got the whole call taped. While you can't hear what Santa's saying, you can see every reaction from Landon..which is something I won't soon forget. Landon agreed with me that Red, our Elf on the Shelf, probably told Santa what he wanted for Christmas since he's been a good boy and listening at school. Oh, the wonderful world of little boys!!

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