Friday, December 5, 2008

Is it a Boy thing??

Well, since I posted last, the boys are both at a new daycare, Wilson's Mills Baptist Child Care. Everything seems to have been going well...until this week! Nixon has decided to be a biter again. In the past two days, he has bitten three other kids in his class! I don't know what his deal is! The teacher even told me yesterday that the first time he bit, he and another little boy had toppled over a toy. Well, Nixon landed on top of the little boy and looked at him, then at her, and bit him! It was like it went through his mind that he had the upper hand. I can hear those calls from the high school principal already! My only hope is that at this daycare, they don't seem to mind as much. They're doing everything they can to try to prevent him from doing it. Also, Landon was a biter, so hopefully he'll grow out of it soon!!

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