Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Landon - 8 Years Old

On July 13th, my oldest baby Landon turned 8 years old!  I can't believe it!  I don't feel old enough to have four children, let alone an 8 year old! Landon's always been so grown acting, so he doesn't change much in that aspect from year to year.  I say it's the curse of being the first born!  When I look at him, he has zero baby features and that makes me so sad!  here are a few fun facts about Landon at 8 years old:

Height: over 48"..I wasn't paying attention when they measured :)
Weight: 61.5 lb
Favorite color: white
Favorite subject in school: math
Favorite thing to do: play sports, also any computer game (iPod, Nintendo DS, the computer, iPad)
Favorite sport: football
Favorite sports team: Georgia Bulldogs, Miami Hurricanes, "Canada" Blue Jays
What he wants to be when he grows up: Sports player
Clothing style:  Loves to wear Under Armour, recently getting into the whole high socks with the designs on the back
Best friend: Cody Lee
Teeth lost: 8
Adult teeth: 8
Finally learned to ride his bike: July 21, 2013
Favorite food: chicken
Favorite snack: watermelon

As you can probably tell by the last two items, Landon is definitely still a health nut!  It started in a kindergarten PE class.  They were talking about eating healthy and he's yet to turn back from that.  He drinks water constantly.  I wish I had the determination like he does.  He'll also pretty much eat anything if you tell him it's healthy and good for him!  I hope that he continues this habit for this rest of his life.  Landon was such a good baby..the best out of the four and he continues to be a great child, despite his OCD tendencies!

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