Monday, September 30, 2013

Hattie - 5 Months

Somehow I missed doing Hattie's 5 Month Post.  I can't imagine know moving, new jobs, new schools..

But anyway, Hattie turned 5 months old without much change, but a lot of change all at once.  At 5 months old, she:

-is wearing size 2 diapers
-eats 7 oz every 4 hours
-eats two containers of baby food a day
-sleeps from around 7:30 pm - 7:00 am
-still has not mastered the nap during the day.  She's good as long as you hold her! :)
-rolls over to get to things she wants
-loves the jumper that we've had since Nixon was little
-wears 6 month clothes
-loves to watch her brothers and sister.  I think she's amazed at how much they talk and play with each other

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